New Poona Bakery, Wakad – Pune

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A Tasting hamper delight from New Poona Bakery !

Rating – 4/5

At times food blogging helps in discovering new places from where one wouldn’t really plan to order but when a food tasting hamper is delivered at Home then only you realize as to what you were missing so far ! The same story happened with me once I tasted the delivered items from the New Poona Bakery 🙂


Veg Patties – This was by far the best item of all what was delivered closely followed by the Cream roll. The potato and masaala filling was one of the tastiest I have had in a long time and it me right to my younger School days. This was the time when Children waited impatiently to taste Samosas and Pattice (as fondly called during those days) during recess from that innocuous School Canteen. The issue with Patties for most of the places is either they are too crunchy/salty most of the times but I really liked this one.

Chocochip Cookies – These were not the overly sweet type cookies but were balanced in the sugar quotient however a little thicker than I would have liked but nothing much really to complain about.


Maska Butter – This was my first tryst with this kind of a snack and it was a perfect combination as something salty to go with that warm cup of Chai, liked it.

Khari & Toast – These were fresh and crispy however my personal preference is that I like both of these Tea time snacks without the Jeera flavor and as luck would have it these two contained it in abundance. For folks who are not averse to the Jeera flavor in these snacks are likely to find it good but it wasn’t quite my cup of Tea.


Vanilla Cream Roll – These Cream rolls were everything what every cream roll should aspire to be, it was cruncy, creamy and had a good flavor of Vanilla cream going for it and my Daughter loved it and finished the pack within a day or so.

The Verdict – I am now aware that the New Poona Bakery has numerous outlets scattered all over Pune and it’s clear to me now where to get my fix for some tasty Veg patties and Cream Rolls. I would definitely recommend them !

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