Irish Village Brewery, Mundhwa – Pune

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A Fun Village Indeed !

Rating – 3.5/5

What do you do when You don’t drink Alcohol but get invited to a Brewery ? Well you go with expectations of some decent Mocktails combined with tasty Non Vegetarian Food, right? However what do you really do when a prolonged religious spell doesn’t allow you to eat Non Veg ): Well in this situation you just go with the flow without any real expectations to enjoy Vegetarian Food at a Brewery !

Some situations really come as a surprise when you least expect it to and it did so in more than one way during my outing at the Irish Village. In short I did enjoy the vegetarian food to an extent I could and the Mocktails were decent though nothing out of the ordinary. Among the food courses the Starters were the better of the lot with decent mains but the one dessert I had was below average but overall I did enjoy my outing with decent food, an electric atmosphere with live band & Bollywood songs.

The Ambience – It is a huge place and has 200+ covers by means of their Indoor and covered outdoor seating. The indoor seating wasn’t much occupied during the time I was there as all the fun with live singing was happening in the outdoor seating and the place was almost full. For a pleasant evening the outside seating is good and that’s where we spent most of our time.

The Food & Drinks – Some of the recommended items I tasted during the event are described in brief as below:


Locoberry Mocktail – This was the best Mocktail during our outing and had all the goodness of Lychee/cranberry juice along with Coconut extract.

Boxty Burger – This was a decent burger preparation coupled with it’s own set of French fries which were completely devoid of any salt. The Burger patty itself was made with mashed potatoes and herbs, it was juicy and the buns were soft to make this a decent preparation.

Loaded Fries – This was a good preparation with the fries loaded with Cheese, an ideal preparation to go with Beer and Mocktails alike.

Salt & Pepper Mushrooms – This was the best starter and the best dish of the evening, the mushrooms were nicely spiced and had a nice bite to it. It was so good that I ended up ordering another serving.

Veg Nachos – These were your usual servings of nachos loaded with cheese and veg tid-bits, overall a decent preparation and thankfully the Nachos didn’t become soggy as a result of the toppings.

Farmer’s Pizza – The Pizza was quite good with a rich cheesy topping and is an ideal choice for folks who like their Pizzas to be mild and cheesy.

Veg Stroganoff & Irish Drunken Potato – Both the Mains were in a way similar to each other with the huge potato and rice in either of the preparations the demarcating factors. Though an Okayish preparation both had the same kind of cheese sauce and at an individual level both worked well but not together. The lesson to take here is to not order these two dishes together but go for variety when you order.

Red Velvet Cheese Cake – Well I have had so many good Red Velvet Cheese cakes in Pune that this one just couldn’t do a lot of justice to this preparation to be honest.

The Verdict – All this while I was there the atmosphere was pretty good with the live singing really capturing everyone’s imagination. The Service was trying to keep pace with the huge amount of people turning up on a typical Friday evening but at it’s best it was a little slow and I guess expectedly so. Having looked into the price points of some of their preparations they’re not an overly expensive place and infact are pretty reasonable. Having taken the different aspects into consideration I would recommend Irish Brewery, you may not have the time of your life here but I am sure you wouldn’t go back disappointed with the food and lively atmosphere !

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