Roghandaaz, NIBM Road – Kondhwa, Pune

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Khaane ka alag he Andaaz at Roghandaaz

Rating – 4.5/5

Roghandaaz is a delivery only Dark Kitchen that operates out of NIBM Road, Kondhwa and delivers all over pune through Dial-a-Meal at extra delivery charges. The Dark Kitchen of Roghandaaz delivered some bright delicious food to kill my dark hunger pangs of “some hatke” Food ! Their food has it’s footprints from the North-West Frontier cuisine, Mughlai and influence of Bihari Non Vegetarian Food. Did I forget to mention they’re a Pure Non Vegetarian Delivery Kitchen !! That statement somehow had such a zing to it that it was always something I wanted to try and when the time indeed came (after an agonising wait of twenty five days as I was vegetarian all that while, really !!) it didn’t really disappoint me at all.

BYVM1240On first impressions, the packaging is pretty neat and impressive. All the servings come in microwave safe containers coupled with paper-napkins and plastic cutlery. It came across as extremely convenient especially when ordering at your workplace as one doesn’t need to worry about the cutlery and utensils to warm the dishes.

Murgh Dahiwaala – Among the items I received this was easily the best gravy of the lot. This preparation has a bit of tanginess of curd which makes it unique for a gravy and talking about the Chicken pieces (with bones), they were cooked beautifully and this is an ideal preparation to go with some hot paranthas on a rainy evening, slurp !  #highlyrecommended

PalakMurghPaalak Murgh – I am very particular about the food I eat and especially the Non Vegetarian food I eat, it’s not exactly a thrilling idea for me to mix my chicken with spinach but Roghandaaz with their distinct andaaz have managed to ace this combination as well. This again was a spinach gravy preparation that came with some juicy and tender chicken and was something that very quickly disappeared from our plates in a jiffy.

JLGP5421Murgh Korma – This was a typical Korma preparation, very smooth and rich and goes well with breads and was as flavorful as a Korma preparation could ever be, liked it very much.

YakhniPulaoMurgh Yakhni Pulao – This is a very mild and subtle rice preparation coupled with some tender chicken. It is mild to an extent of being almost close to be bland and for spicy food lovers this needs to be coupled with a gravy preparation. For me the Murgh Korma worked really well, its rich and smooth gravy went fantastically well with the flavored yakhni rice and the combination was a rocking one for me.

HaleemMutton Haleem – This was the undisputed star among all the preparations I tried and this is the only Haleem I have liked in Pune after having it in abundance in Hyderabad. Similarities with Hyderabad’s Haleem are inevitable however there’s a bit of difference in the texture and color with this one being more yellowish compared to the dark greyish one from Hyderabad. Moreover I thought that the quantity of mutton chunks in this preparation was in abundance and that only enhanced the overall preparation. In short I totally loved it ! #highlyrecommended

Mutton Dum Biryani – I can’t stress the fact enough that I am really fussy about the Biryanis I taste and most Biryanis I eat I don’t like them as anything and everything gets served in the name of Biryani. When talking about this Biryani variant from Roghandaaz it is such a relief to not see rice and masala present separately and having to mix it later on. This is your typical North Indian biryani which isn’t too spicy like a Hyderabadi one but at the same time isn’t quite mild like a Lucknawi variant. It sits somewhere in between the Hyderabadi & Lucknawi variant as far as the spiciness quotient goes. The kewda essence does play an extended role here which lends this biryani a very unique aroma and taste in every bite.

SheerSevaiSheer sevayi – It was such an apt way to end a wonderful dinner and this preparation is so much more than a sevayi kheer. It reminded me the taste of Sheer Khurma that I had the pleasure to have from my Muslim friends on meethi Eid on innumerable occasions. This is one of it’s kind preparation and is a must order item if you intend to order stuff from Roghandaaz. #highlyrecommended

The Verdict – I totally liked the first Roghandaaz experience and following are some points which separate them from other places offering similar food:

  1. The price you pay w.r.t. the quantity and quality of preparations is totally worth it. For instance the Haleem and Mutton Biryani comes in quantity that is easily sufficient for 2 people if ordered with any gravy preparation. The value for Money quotient is something they score heavily in my books.
  2. For a home delivery place the packaging is fantastic and it is so convenient to warm the food directly in microwave safe containers.
  3. The taste of preparations is pretty unique and something that you would only get at a handful of places so go for it guys and you wouldn’t regret it.

P.S. – They have a policy of preparing fresh food hence give them a notice of 3 hours or so before placing your order and I am sure the end results would be as enticing and rewarding as mine. Enjoy !

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