Bar Bar, Phoenix Market City, Pune

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Bar Bar Got Wings !

Rating – 4/5

Bar Bar in the Phoenix Market City usually famous for it’s innovative deals on all things Alcohol is now running a Wings festival which promises to take you higher than the Alcohol would ! Being a teetotaler I can’t really gauge that statement but most of what I tasted during the food tasting invite was pretty good.

IMG-4097Coming straight to the part that matters the most – Food – there are basically six types of Chicken Wings on offer, read on to read in brief about each of them starting in the increasing order of my likeability for them :


Maple Bacon Wings – This variant of Chicken Wings comes wrapped in bacon strips and I had to have it after removing the strips since I am not a Bacon Fan. It wouldn’t be fair if I rate it since I didn’t have the preparation in its entirety. Though my fellow blogger enjoyed this one to its entirety, for Bacon lovers this seems to be a good option.

DSC04781Khatta Meetha Wings – These were more on the sweeter side of things and a fine balance between khatta & meetha would take this to another level. However if honey glazed wings is your thing then this would be a perfect option to go for.

IMG-4101Fiery Wings – As the name suggests these were the spiciest of all the variants and this needs to be gulped with a Sweetish Mocktail of sorts.

IMG-4102Thai Curry Wings – This was influenced by some rich thai flavors and was one of the better Chicken wings of the Night, liked it very much !

IMG-4094Cheesy Wings – This is undoubtedly the one for all the Cheese lovers, I never imagined a Chicken Wing oozing with my favorite Cheese until I had this one. As you bite into the crispy wing, the melted cheese greets your taste buds half way through the bite followed by the crisp chicken again. It was lovely !

IMG-4103Boozy Wings – These were the best Chicken Wings preparation of the evening for me ! The best part this being infused with Tequila and being a teetotaler I still loved it speaks volumes for the preparation.  They certainly didn’t go overboard with the infused Tequila as I have seen so many places where Chefs get too excited when it comes to mixing spirits & food. The preparation just had the right balance of all the elements and eating it with a bit of squeezed lemon juice did wonders for me as suggested by a fellow blogger.

The Other Stuff – Other than the Chicken Wings I tasted Murgh Tikka Naanza along with Irfan’s Lunch ka Dabba and both preparations didn’t disappoint me. The Murgh Tikka Naanza was definitely the other highlight of the evening right after the Boozy & Cheesy Wings. Go for this mildly spiced Chicken Tikka preparation coupled with a cheeezzy Naanza base when you’re at Bar Bar the next time.

The Verdict – With each Chicken Wings preparation consisting of 8 pieces priced at 399+ taxes, this seemed like a reasonable deal at a place like Bar Bar. The Chicken Wings festival will run till 19th of November and needs to be visited at least once before it’s gone !

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