Shanghai Spice & Sizzlers, Seasons Mall – Pune

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Sizzler Festival@Shanghai Spice !

Rating – 4/5

Shanghai Spice in Seasons Mall is a quaint place located in the Seasons Mall that offers fairly competent Asian especially Thai & Chinese cuisine at a reasonable price-point !

ShanghaiSpiceEntranceAmbience & Service – The Ambience is pretty Okay and it offers both indoor & outdoor seating. While I was there the service was attentive and considering we were close to 10 bloggers on a Table, the service was fairly prompt !

The Sizzlers – From the three Sizzler variants that were served though all were pretty decent I found the Oriental Fish Sizzler (yummy and tender fish) to be the best one with Chicken Barbeque Sizzler coming across as decent but nothing out of the ordinary. Personally I don’t like the sweet nature of the barbeque sauce so my opinion might be biased in view of that. The Chicken Exotica Sizzler was topped with a fair amount of cheese and its combination with grilled chicken worked very well.

Other Food & Drinks – Among the Mocktails that were served the Orange Basil Mojito & Kiwi Delight were pretty decent, although the Kiwi delight was a tad too sweet but it had the refreshing taste of Kiwis going for it.


Chicken Tom Kha Soup

The Soups – I had Chicken Manchow & Chicken Tom Kha Soup giving me the company and again both were pretty decent with the Tom Kha variant outshining the Manchow variant by a little margin. Tom Kha had most of the things going for it with rich and fresh coconut flavors dominating the preparation while the Chicken Manchow soup is a safe choice to opt for while you’re here.

Lemongrass Prawns –  These prawns were a bit on the sweeter side and somehow I wasn’t able to warm up to them too much.

Singapore Chilly Fried Prawns – This was a spicier and juicer version of the prawns – exactly how I like it ! This worked well with the sweet mocktails though the only thing that could be improved further was to give it a bit of a crispy texture, rest there wasn’t much to complain about.

Grilled Zing Zang Kebab – From a distance it looked like a Chicken Satay dish however on closer inspection these were grilled chicken chunks that seemed to be a cross between chicken tikka & chilly chicken. The end result was a pleasantly surprising preparation that turned out to be the second best dish of the Lunch ! #definitelyrecommended

GrilledFishInBananaLeafGrilled Fish in Banana Leaf – Easily the best preparation of the evening this Basa Fish preparation was the best of the lot with Fish being extremely tender & flaky yet a little crispy from the outer layer. This wasn’t a spicy preparation by any stature of imagination but the minimalistic spices made it to be a flavorsome preparation. It would be an understatement to say that all the bloggers just loved it. #highlyrecommended

The Verdict – This is a nice little place with friendly service all around complementing the reasonable prices and decent to good taste for most of the preparations. The preparations are fairly influenced by Indian flavors and are tampered enough to qualify as being Chindian which is not such a bad thing to be really honest !

P.S. – The Sizzler Festival is ON till 21st November 2017 which promises a free Mocktail with every Sizzler. Go for it and while you’re here don’t forget to order the above recommended items. Enjoy 🙂

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