Retox, Viman Nagar – Pune

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An effective fix for your social gatherings indeed !

Rating – 4/5

Viman Nagar over the years has become such a traffic crazy place that I almost try to avoid it every single time there’s a thought that I needed to visit place for an errand or to see a friend. Retox’s location in that aspect comes as a cool breeze on a warm Indian Summer evening – just before all the chaotic scenes start just near the Datta Mandir Chowk therefore it is extremely convenient indeed.

Ambience – The Ambience is pretty casual is an assortment of various types of seating with small / large tables and some seriously kick-ass music. The music ranges from retro, contemporary to even 90s Bollywood which apparently is a bit of rage among the patrons. The Bar is pretty well stocked and there’s no dearth of cocktails and other alcoholic drinks for the enthusiasts.

Mocktails – It was good to see due importance given to the preparation and presentation of Mocktails. Though I would prefer the green juice in hindsight but for Teetotalers like me it was important to notice that they are just not keeping them for the sake of it but their intention came across as being innovative and serving the mocktails with passion.

The Food – The food was largely good and following is a brief on some of my picks from the evening:

Retox Original Fries – These fries come in with a plethora of toppings and thankfully all of them make sense together namely mayonnaise, cheese (make it a lot of cheeeeze), jalepano, a bit of barbeque sauce and few more. Surprisingly even after being loaded with so much of stuff the fries still managed to keep their crispy texture indeed !

Roti Chips – These were actually created from wheat based flour and hence aptly named as Roti chips. The chips were sprinkled with a slightly spicy masala that was a bit on the chilly side so don’t munch on these too excitedly and I am sure you would do just fine 🙂

These were among the best preparations and Butter Chilly fish was the best of the lot, this was everything you would want your fried fish to be – crispy, tangy, tender and infused with a perfect sprinkling of masala on the top. I couldn’t stop myself and on the bloggers table I must have shamelessly eaten half of this prompting another serving on the table in no time 😉

The Verdict – This is a nice place to spend time with your colleagues and buddies over a round of drinks and some pretty good finger food. With the prices not being kept at a sky high level, Retox scores pretty good on the Value for money quotient as well and I ended up liking the place more than I initially thought I would 🙂

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