Delhi Food Trail, Jama Masjid – Delhi 6

An absolute heaven for Foodies !

Rating – Outstanding.

Well I was in the City (in vicinity of the famous bylanes of Jama Masjid) for 36 hours and what better way than to go for a food walk in the food heavenly area.

It was also time to move on from the Karims & Al-Jawahars and we wanted to go beyond the tried and tasted so we thought we will stick to finding out the hidden gems and boy we did end up finding more than one for sure !

1. Quereshi Kebab Corner – We started off with Quereshi ke Kebabs and these were not the melt in the mouth variants but despite the average texture the taste was fantabulous. The kebabs were further enhanced by their unique mint/coriander/curd chutney and after having 3 mutton Seekh Kebabs at 40 Rs/each I was an extremely satisfied foodie indeed !

2. Mawa Jalebi & Dahi Wada at Sultan Ji Sweets – This brown colored thick jalebi tasted more like a Gulaab jamun and was a very different one than I ever tasted. The Dahi Wada was so soft and fluffy with sweetened curd and this was pretty good as well 🙂

HajiFriedChicken3. Fried Chicken at Haji Mohd.Hussain – For all the fitness freaks, this is something which is double fried but surprisingly while tasting I didn’t get any taste of oil and I can vouch if you like your Fried chicken you may end up liking it more than the biggest brands of the world. Their USP seemed like a saalan like gravy/chutney that enhanced the taste of chicken by many folds.

4. Detour at Aslam’s Chicken – This wasn’t a planned stop but while crossing past this three storey establishment that serves largely tandoori Chicken morsals flooded in loads of butter and curd is something you wouldn’t have tasted anywhere. This can be a bizarre preparation for some but I loved it to a fair extent and it went absolutely fab with Roomali Roti. The butter flooded chicken was tender and it’s needless to say that it’s a must try while you’re in the vicinity.

5. Dil Pasand Biryani / Taufiq ki Biryani – On the face of it this seemed like a dry chicken biryani with a strange serving of a pickle and chutney-cum-raita that seemed innocuous but the first bite and I realised that I am indeed at the right at the right time. The biryani here is served without any gravy but boy isn’t it good, aptly spiced and doused with enough moisture I had the 80 rs half plate/half kg (as they call it) and I almost struggled to finish it off. A lovely preparation it was indeed. They serve only two dishes – Chicken & Buff Biryani and that’s about it.

6. Shahi Tukda & Mango ice-cream at Cool Point – The perfect way to end a hefty meal was topped off with a crushed and piping hot serving of Shahi Tukda which was good and had all the goodness of ghee. The last item of our meal in this area was a Mango ice-cream that the server claimed was made from Alphanso Mangoes. Since the Alphanso season is long gone we took it lightly but again the first bite took us to that juicy and sweet Alphanso and we just loved it.

My favourite picks from the food trail were -Seekh Kebabs at Quereshi, Dil Pasand Chicken Biryani and the Mango Ice-cream. We would forever be indebted to our partner in crime Rohit for taking us to this gastronomical journey and I wish I could eat even more than what we had.

As we returned towards our destination on a traditional rickshaw the much famed “Daulat ki Chaat” thelas were all around us and thankfully so because High Command was almost pissed with me as we didn’t stop to have it earlier as I was more excited at that point about the meat ! This expectedly was a fluffy, light, creamy preparation and you wouldn’t even feel if you’re having anything. Prepared with dew and buttered cream this is something we get only in these parts of North India and is definitely something you wouldn’t to miss at any cost !

Do give this food trail a try and thank me later in cash or kind as you would want to the next time you’re in the Jama Masjid area, happy eating

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