Iron Bar n Grill, Ishanya – Yerwada, Pune

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A decent experience !

Rating – 4 / 5

Ishanya is on its way becoming an Adda for all kind of Restaurants and is definitely an alternative if you don’t want to get stuck in traffic travelling to Koregaon Park though the ever so notorious Shastri Nagar Chowk doesn’t spare you either most of the times when you’re travelling in the evening. However the overall look and most importantly the open spaces in Ishanya does add a different kind of charm when you’re in a mood to chill out after a hard day’s work.

The Ambience – Offering both kind of Indoor & Outdoor seating options, I found the outdoor seating more suitable for a laid back evening while the indoors are more happening sort. The Ambience is a bit rustic owing to their name and there are different kind of seating options available so there’s something for everyone.

The Drinks – One definite observation which I would like to mention is their Mixologist was more than happy to customize or create new mocktails on the fly when I want to try something different from what was given in the Menu. The Kala Khatta Mocktail was outstanding and if you’re a Mocktails person you have to order this the next time you’re here.

The Food – Food by and large was decent, while some of the dishes were a miss as well. I am mentioning the ones I liked so while you’re there you have general idea on what to order. From the above three, the Cheese & Jalepano Nuggets were outstanding, it finished in a whisker as it came to our Table. The Pizza was pretty competent as well and on a table full of Carnivores, this Veg Pizza didn’t last long at all, the Olives & Rosemary did their magic. The Fish preparation was pretty good as well and it tasted like a shami kebab to me which is a compliment though !

The Fried Prawns were crispy to the core and were spicy enough to set the tongues wagging, a good combination to go with drinks. The Tandoori Chicken Butter Roast was the best dish of the evening wherein a Tandoori Chicken is pulled off the bone and tossed around with butter and other spices giving it a unique taste and it went really well with the bread, loved it !

OreoSaltedCaramelThe Desserts – This was a delicious dark chocolate preparation and it was pretty good wherein I must have had an entire portion on my own. The Salted caramel just added another dimension to the dessert with its sweet, a little bit of bitter and salty flavors coming in one bite made it a preparation to remember.

The Verdict – I wasn’t blown away by all of the food they served, for instance their Mutton Biryani was a total let-down, Rosemary Chicken just had too much of rosemary flavor to name a few however their drinks won me over and some of the dishes were good enough while others were good hence I am giving them an extra .5 which gives them an overall score of 4/5. Go for it folks !

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