Firangi Bake, Wadgaon Sheri Pune

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A decent delivery tasting experience !

Rating – 3/5

Got a tasting opportunity when contacted by Firangi Bake’s PR for a review program for bloggers in Pune. This was my first time ordering from them and ended up ordering two dishes. Delivery happened bang on time at 8 pm sharp and food arrived still warm and sort of fresh, my location within 2-3 kms of their wadgaon sheri outlet definitely should have helped but the packaging indeed was neat.


Minced Chicken Lasagna – This was a total disappointment with the top cheese infused lasagna topping being the only saving grace. Rest of the minced chicken and other ingredients in the base were overboard on flavors and spices. By spicy I don’t mean to say that there was a lot of chilly, no that’s not what I mean but there was an overdose of some garam masaala in the preparation and felt a bit more salty as well.

1531660626809Tandoori Kukkad Pot Rice – This was a good preparation and thankfully my dinner wasn’t spoiled because of this deliciously prepared Rice. The dish had a lasagna like topping but beneath all the cheesiness was a tasty covering of rice and the last layer had some pretty tasty chicken chunks that went equally well with the rice and the accompanying bread.

The Verdict – My verdict here is sort of mixed as one dish was close to disaster while the other one was pretty tasty. As a result I would give them a chance again and order from them next when I am in a mood of asking for delivery. Both the dishes at Rs 300 bucks each however doesn’t exactly do justice to the portions that were delivered and that lowers the value for money quotient for me slightly. Rest all is good here 🙂

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