Grandmama’s Cafe, Koregaon Park – Pune

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New Cafe Launch in Koregaon Park !

Rating – 4/5

What – Grandmama’s Cafe !

Where – South Main Road, Koregaon Park – Survey 21-A/10-B, Plot 394.

Pricing – Everything ranged from 100-300 bucks – so I would say moderately priced according to KP standards

Service Charge – Yes (7%)

exteriorPositives – Delightful Ambience and among F&B – Cheesy Fries, Green Apple & Lemongrass Mocktail, Chicken Croquettes, Jalapeno Mac & Cheese sticks & Choco Mudcake.

Happened to attend Mumbai’s much famed Grandmama’s Cafe in Koregaon Park earlier in the week and the experience was good though it’s difficult to gauge a place entirely on its launch, still they were able to manage it decently.

They have an outdoor covered seating as well as partially indoor setting on the grand floor while the first floor which is still in its finishing touches has an impressive interior indeed.

Being a Cafe, the edibles usually ranged from Nibbles, finger food, Pizzas, Mocktails, Iced Teas, Coffees, Thick Shakes, Coolers, Breakfast specials, Salads, Shawarmas, Burgers, Sandwiches, Desserts and what not ! I must say it was an extensive menu indeed.

Our brief encounter started with a serving of Green Apple & Lemongrass Mocktail plus Choco Oreo Shake. The Mocktail was pretty good and unique though the Choco Oreo Shake was average at best, it wasn’t sweet enough and lacked the kitkat/Oreo chunks one would usually associate with this preparation.

In the tidbits – Cheesy Fries were cheesy and went well on an overcast day with Mocktails. Chicken Croquettes were pretty decent and went well again though the Nachos were a bit bland to be honest and I didn’t like them much.

The best two preparations of the day for me were the Jalapeno Mac & Cheese sticks & the gooey chocolatey slice of Choco Mud cake – dark chocolate at its best !

The overall experience was good for me and it was great to meet the Grandmama in person as well from where the name of this Chain of Cafes come from.Our server seemed pretty confused with our order on a number of occasions but I guess that’s expected of a new place and especially on the day of Launch.

No real complaints though and overall a cozy experience.


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