1441 Pizzeria, Seasons Mall – Pune

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1441 Pizzeria – Wood fired Italian Pizzas.

Rating – 4/5

What – 1441 Pizzeria !

Options – Wood fired Pizzas, Lemonades, Pastas, various Cheese based starters and breads, desserts and more.

USP – close to international standards, considering their ingredients are shipped from Italy including the flour and spices. The only caution – you may not find too much Indianised taste in their Pizzas if that’s what you look for in your Pizzas.

Costs – 11” Pizzas cost from Rs 395 to 695 based on the classification you select while the munchies range from Rs 245 till 295 to give you an idea.

RecommendationsPeri Peri Chicken legs, Chilli cheese bread, Nutella Pizza, Lychee Lemonade, chicken wings (slightly on the sweeter side) and Smoked Chicken wood fired Pizza.

Details :

The much famed 1441 Pizzeria chain from Mumbai has recently opened its doors to the Pune folks on Seasons Mall, situated on the second floor, the place offers complete customisable options to truly make your own pizzas. I however didn’t choose this option and went for half of Smoked Chicken Pizza and the veg Krish Pizza. By Indian palate standards one may find the Pizzas a little bland (I certainly found to an extent) but then based on what I had eaten on a few of my international exploits these were right up there with the best I have had.

PeriPeriChickenThe best dish of the evening for me were the Peri Peri Chicken legs (thanks to my biased Indian taste buds) these were nicely spiced, juicy chicken legs served with a nicely tossed up salad. I absolutely loved it and while you’re here you just cannot afford to miss this preparation.

The next best thing in savouries was the Cheese Chilli Bread, infused with plenty of cheese and garlicky flavour that wasn’t quite over the top, this went nicely with the Lychee and Masala Lemonades.

In desserts, the Nutella Pizza was pretty good with lots and lots of Nutella to go with those tender marshmallows, it’s practically impossible to not like the preparationThough it could have been just a slight crunchy to give that crunch in every bite which I thought was somewhat missing, gave the feedback and hopefully this will be taken care of !

Some area of improvements – Found their special smoky cheese dough balls a little underwhelming – required a bit more cheese than what was stuffed and the right quantity of cheese would elevate it to the desired level.

ChickenWingsThe Chicken wings were slightly sweeter than what is usually available so a little more adjustment on the Sweet quotient would definitely help though the chicken texture and tenderness were right on the button.

Staff & Service – The staff seemed pretty knowledgeable about their preparations and were able to recommend dishes based on our likes/dislikes which is always a good sign and the service was overall courteous not just to us but to the regular customers from what I could gauge from a distance 👍🏼

The Verdict – Nice cozy place for some hatke Italian + ever so slightly Indian tampered taste, when in mood for this variant of food I would definitely look to visit them.

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