Mahabhog Thali, JM Road Pune

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Fantastic vegetarian Thali experience !

Rating – 5/5

Saturdays are sadly vegetarian days for me and I am in constant fear as to where I will be dragged along by Wifey dear for the next dosage of vegetarian food .

I respect vegetarian food by all counts but in my personal opinion it is best to be had at home only as per our food orientation being biased towards the non veg side of things when eating out. However the high command loves her vegetarian Thalis. With couple of raving reviews on PEO having caught her eye I knew the writing was on the wall and here we were having our share of Mahabhog on a pleasant Saturday late afternoon.

To be on the safe side I got our table booking done through Zomato and pleasantly we didn’t have to face a lot of crowd (because of rains probably) and were straight away given a table as we reached around 2.30 pm.

1535196916264Some facts:

Parking – Valet parking is thankfully available at an otherwise busy area like JM road.

Cost : Each Thali costs 301 bucks.

Items : inclusive of salads etc there were 27 items in the Thali Today.

Best items : Khandavi, Sitafal Rabdi, Dahi vada.

Service : It was quick and full of courtesy.

Seating capacity : 60 indoor & 60 outdoor.

Waiting time : Can range from 20 to 90 minutes (during peak hours/weekends)


This is a huge thali and you better be hungry by a margin if you want to enjoy this to the maximum extent.

1535196606391The farsan has a good variety of five options with Khandavi (which I never usually eat) taking most of the honours. It was such a delicately rolled and tender preparation that was prepared with subtle masalas and I absolutely and surprisingly loved it ❤️ The next item which I ate the most was the Dahi vada, though the vada could have been a bit more soft the curd was perfectly sweetened in a subtle manner and I loved it 👍🏼

The dry manchurian was fair enough but was on the edge of being a little more salty than what I would have liked.

The best part about the Mains was that the taste of the items was unique from each other
with Paneer butter masala being the preparation – “jisko kha kar shaadi ke khaane ki yaad aa gayi” back home in Agra 😍

The Punjabi chholay and green peas curries were pretty good too and went well with Puris and later on with pulao.

1535196950396The icing on the cake was the Sitafal Rabdi, it wasn’t the thick preparation I usually like but even in a relatively runny preparation, it maintained its consistency and I ended up having it for more than a couple of rounds.

As was evident from my excitement on the taste and quality I did get a earful of – “dekha maine kaha tha na, veg khaana bhi kha lena chahiye baahar jaakar par tumhe toh biryani he khaani hai”. I nodded my head however couldn’t pay any serious heed and dug even more ferociously into my bowl of Rabdi and boy it was fun indeed👍🏼

In the end when talking to the owner Mr. Roopesh Jain, he came across as an extremely humble person and he further surprised me telling that since Today they had a large Jain group Booking, all of the prepared food today was not just vegetarian but jain compliant too!!

On the whole this experience which started with a lot of reluctance, ended up with a lot of indulgence and as is the case with all the arguments with one’s wife, in this one also there was only one undisputed winner but I was glad that in the process we got introduced to this lovely place and we will surely be back for more.

Damages – 602 bucks, we were not charged for our Daughter as she doesn’t like veg Thalis either and couldn’t eat much but had her fair share of Rabdi and Malpuas !

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