Onesta, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

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An honestly fantastic deal & experience at Onesta !

Rating – 4/5

Had a chance to visit Onesta Pune during Navratras (no non-veg) ): I got lucky as part of their #nameoftheweekoffer through which two of us got 4 pizzas, 4 pastas, 2 beverages and 4 desserts in all, totally on the house !

I was wondering as it is with these offers we will be told some fine print and then probably service will be at a different level but none of it came true and we had a pretty good time 🤗

Coming to the food, the Paneer Tikka Pizza was cheesy, crunchy, spicy and biryanimaster enjoyed every bit of this vegetarian pizza.

FarmhouseAndMargaritaUnfortunately the same I cannot say about the Pasta & Margarita Pizza, they were at best – half decent 🙂 The Farmhouse Pizza in the background however was good and loved every bit of it !

The Desserts however were pretty decent and the Chocolate Mousse was fantastic and this is something you should definitely try while you’re at Onesta !

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