Barbeque Ville, Wakad, Pune

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A Barbeque to relish !

Rating – 4.5/5

Quick facts
Ambience – 4/5
Service – 4.5/5
Starters – 5/5
Main Course – 4/5
Desserts – 4.5/5
Address – Green Valley, Near Mankar Chowk, Kaspate Vasti, Wakad, Pune.

bbqvillepricingThe concept of Barbeque based buffet is in the trend these days however it is not an easy combination to pull off as during my experiences in Pune one element or the other among starters/main course/desserts isn’t quite up-to the mark. The idea traditionally has been to stuff up starters so that not a lot of main course appetite is left however that shouldn’t mean that the main course dishes are just up for making numbers without any quality as happens to be the case in a lot of places.Therefore with great expectations we were more than excited to try out the new barbeque kid on the block “Barbeque Ville” in Wakad launched recently on Valentine’s Day.

The Ambience & Service – It might appear as a not so large place from outside however the place has a seating capacity of 120 and the ambience is largely pleasant and well lit and offers a comfy seating.

On the service front, starters were replenished quickly and on most occasions without asking and with a smile, they were happy to customize the spice level according to taste and I really enjoyed having some of the spicy barbeque starters for a change. Our server Mr. Shahabuddin was more than happy to serve us according to our preferences.

The Food – One word of advice, keep some space for the Main course & Desserts after the sumptuous starters as each section is worth keeping the appetite for.

The Starters – With Six non veg and Six vegetarian starters complemented by Veg/Chicken sizzler make sure you go strictly empty stomach. The outstanding starters of the Day were Tangdi Chicken served on a Sword, Hariyali Tikka, Cajun Spiced Potatoes (very nice), Chicken Hariyali Kebab, Banjara fish tikka, Peshawari prawns, Chicken sizzler (not a full blown sizzler with rice/fries/veggies but quite tasty).

The Main Course – Haven’t quite seen Crab curry in the main course in any of the Barbeque places in Pune but you may find it here as one of the main course items as we did. Other out of the ordinary items were Maithi Paneer, Dal Bukhara, Aloo capsicum dry, Gosht Shikara (went awesome with biryani), Chicken Dum Biryani (a bit dry because on buffet but tasted fair) and Chicken hara gravy.

The Desserts – Apart from the usual pastries and Gulabjamuns, the desserts craving for my attention were the Coconut halwa, Mawa burfi, Besan laddu, Punjabi phirni and Fudge cake apart from cut fruits like watermelon, papaya and ice creams, phew… The desserts itself appear like a mini buffet so again mind you to keep space for them and don’t regret later:)

Value for Money & Verdict – At a price point of 600/500 all inclusive for Non veg and Veg option it is a no-brainer that it absolutely is a winner in the value for money quotient and wins it hands down ! I strongly recommend to visit Barbeque Ville as it is piping hot right now and just cannot be missed. Huge shout out to Mr.Hatim of Crescent Inc. for inviting us and Mr. Parth for giving us company and showing us around.

Picture CreditsShweta Parijat

Al Jawahar Jama Masjid, New Delhi

Satisfying experience in Old Delhi !

Rating – 4/5

This is one of those places serving traditional Mughlai preparations that have stood the test of time unlike their much famed and fancied neighbors who have seriously lost it big time.

This is not a place that has got anything to do with ambience or the service one usually associates with a fine dining restaurant. So it’s better not to have those expectations in the first place, however you’re guaranteed a place to sit and may have to wait at most for 10-15 minutes even during peak hours unlike Kareem where the waiting time can be excruciatingly painful.

Coming to the part where they score the most is their food 🙂

Items that you just cannot miss are their moist and succulent seekh kebabs.

Chicken Jehangir and Chicken changezi, their mutton korma with rich gravy and sheermal is a deadly combination and is literally to die for, oh well I am craving for it as I write about it around 1600 km away from Delhi ) :

Mutton achari Biryani is a different take on my favourite dish and it was fairly alright however as far as Biryanis are concerned it’s nothing outstanding to say the least.

Don’t miss this for some of the most tender and heavenly kebabs that you would ever have and some of the finest gravies in town.

Took one rating out for the ambience or the lack thereof and the chaotic scenes in terms of crowd and the overall location of the place but just for the food it’s an awesome experience ?

Karim’s Jama Masjid, New Delhi

Not so good anymore !

Rating – 3/5

The surroundings are chaotic near Jama Masjid in Old Delhi and the first milestone is to reach this place safe and sound, can be very troublesome during Summer due to the heat and crowd. Anyway it’s not the Restaurant’s problem though as the thirsty have to come near the well and not the other way round and I am ever so thirsty for a well cooked and spicy Biryani 😉
The first time I went there was in 2005 and the place absolutely rocked with amazing Mutton Biryani. It was so good that I packed it and traveled with it 200 Kms back home to Agra to ensure that folks at my Home could savor the taste as well !
However over the years this place has slowly lost to the hype created about it’s ancient history and people serving at this joint are irritated most of the times and it seems they are doing a real favor if they’re serving you i.e. if you manage to get seated during peak hours.
Their Mutton Biryani unfortunately has lost it’s spices (really literally), now it’s a mess of totally bland rice with very mildly spiced pieces of mutton here and there.
Things from which one can still find some satisfaction are the Seekh Kababs – almost melts in your mouth, Burra Kabab – very juicy and spiced in a subtle manner, Mutton Korma and Nalli Nihari. It’s because of these few delicacies I can still sometimes make it to this place whenever I am in the Food Capital. However one word of advise, if you want to taste Karim’s have it here instead of visiting those useless franchises, this place is still good but of-course on the Biryani front I am completely heart-broken to say the least and I don’t order it anymore ):