The Park Calangute, Goa

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Amazing experience at the Park !

Rating – 4.5/5

Visited Park Calangute in the 2nd week of January 2016 and we really had a great time here. Situated bang on the Calangute Beach it’s such a convenient option for relaxation after a tiring evening at the much famed Calangute beach.

Location & Ambience – 5/5 –¬†Full points to the location as aforementioned however the Ambience is pretty good as well. The place has options to sit outdoors (near the beach), indoors as in a usual Restaurant kind of setup, next to swimming pool in dedicated Cabanas of sorts and finally the option to sit at the Upper Deck where on specific days they arrange for Karaoke sessions as well ūüôā To top the services offered they do allow their Guests a complimentary access of their Swimming Pool which my Daughter just loved so in case you wish to do the same do remember to carry the proper swim wear and you’re good to go !

When we visited them, we first sat near the swimming pool Cabanas as our Princess enjoyed the Pool while we sipped on our drinks and starters and they do have some Tables setup within the Swimming Pool as well (towards the edge) so you’re Welcome to sit there if you like. We certainly sat on those Tables as well for some time and then moved towards the Upper Deck, which gives you a full view of the Ocean – comfortable seating, blue and purple lights with DJ and Karaoke playing on, what else do you require for a kick-ass¬†evening ūüôā and it was awesome indeed !

Food and Drinks – 4.5/5 –¬†They had unlimited mocktails on offer and it turned out fine, the mocktails were fairly good if not outstanding. The thing which impressed me is that they didn’t come up with any lame excuses not to replenish the servings as can happen in many places, they delivered what they promised. The ones which stood out were the Spiced Pine and Mango Bite.

Appetizers and Main Course –¬†The two servings for the Tandoori Chicken or the Chicken Tangdi was good and it went well with the Mocktails. In the Mains we had Chicken Vindaloo and Paneer Butter Masaala¬†that went well with the Butter Naans and other breads.

The Desserts Mango Cheese Cake and Chocolate Walnut Brownie were as good as the Main Course and I don’t have any complaints about the overall quality of the food.

In a nutshell we enjoyed our outing at the Park Calangute, at the Upper Deck the atmosphere was electric with the Karaoke in full swing and the rest of the folks enjoyed themselves by complete participation as well and in the process I tried my hand as well and looking by crowd’s reaction I think my Karaoke singing session went alright as well ūüôā

Sinq Beach Club and Resort, Candolim Goa

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Had a good time at their Special Candle Light Dinner !
Rating 3.5/5

Date of Visit – 12th January 2016

So during our trip to Goa in January 2016 (a fabulous time to visit) we visited a number of restaurants and this is first of the reviews of the places we dined at.

It would be an understatement to say that I was skeptical about the Candle Light romantic experience I had planned for my better half but as we reached the place we could see that our Cabana was decorated elegantly indeed and the ensuing experience was pretty good and surprising at the same time.

Food Р3.5/5 РThe food varied between Indo chinese and North Indian with no added Goan by-products which was a welcome change because you could get what you ordered without interference of one cuisine into another.The stand out items of the evening were Chicken Lollypop, Chilly Chicken and the Pina Colada Mocktail.

Service Р3.5/5 РService was quite workable not really the top of class but being candle light dinner I guess it was never supposed to be a rushed in affair but at times we had to wait for dishes to be replenished longer than we expected.
Ambience Р4/5 -The Cabanas are located separately from the SinQ restaurant at the Ground floor and this area is a welcome change to the rather cramped restaurant where I have had a number of  breakfasts and which also serves good breakfasts at very reasonable price points but the ambience is not much to write home about. However the ambience here was pretty good with these Cabanas situated next to the Pool and lots of greenery around.
I wanted to have a word with their Manager who unfortunately couldn’t find time in the good two hours or so we were there to provide feedback on couple of points but the meeting never happened.
We overall had a good experience and they arrange these dinners¬†on demand so go for it in case you’re looking for a Candle lit¬†dinner experience and above average food.


River Isle Old Goa, Goa

Good North Indian Food in Goa !

Rating – 3.5/5

Firstly thanks to Zomato as it was solely the reason why I was able to locate this place ūüôā¬†Goan food is pretty alright but unless you are a sea food lover, it’s difficult to eat the various kind of sea food day in and day out.
So when the north Indian food bug started tickling I managed to locate this place which you can very easily miss while driving through the scenic old goa route next to the Mandovi river.
This place is located on the 2nd floor of a lodge which goes by the same name and the ambience here is basic but looks clean and hygienic largely. From the windows there is a good view of the river and overall it was a pleasant setting.

Coming to the food, it was good and tasted like authentic North Indian food. We ordered the below:

Isles mocktail 4/5
Dal tadka 5/5
Dal fry 4/5
Paneer Makhanwaala 4/5
Fresh lime soda
Orange juice

We were 6 adults with two kids and we ate and drank like anything. Our total bill was 1950 bucks.

Overall it was a good experience and I would recommend this joint to anyone craving for tasty north Indian food with reasonable fare.


Navtara Calangute, Goa

Not so recommended !

Rating – 2/5

So we were in Goa in September last year and due to some family customs we could only have purely vegetarian food. Hence we were looking for a vegetarian place in Goa which in itself was a sin but here we were at Navtara, Calangute.

Usually we go by Zomato recommendations however Zomato was still not live in Goa at that time so I had little idea about what was coming but appearance wise it looked fine and the ambience was quite Ok as well.

Coming to the food, it was disappointing to say the least. Ordered the following:

Paneer Dhamaka Pizza – 1/5 (The Pizza that came out looked like it was cooked on the stove and was absolutely bland)

Chilly Paneer – 2.5/5 (The only saving grace of the evening, it wasn’t exactly the usual Chilly Paneer we get at Indo Chinese fusion restaurants but was edible)

Kadhai Paneer – 1.5/5 (This was the strangest Kadhai Paneer I had in a long time, it was nothing like the much loved North Indian dish but was cooked in Coconut Oil)

I don’t want to put anyone down but just trying to state the facts as experienced and it was not a pleasant dining experience at all. The place is not very economical to dine out either. From word of mouth a lot of people recommended this place for veggies but we were not happy with the food at all.

In the end I am giving it 2/5 for the Okayish Service and just about OK Ambience it offered.