Cheese Omelette Cafe, Wadgaon Sheri Pune

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A nice little special Omelette place !

Rating – 4/5

This is not a review but an experience rather a series of experiences I have had during the last year or so and most of those have been really good ! First things first this is not a fancy place in terms of Ambience but it is clean enough with some basic setup.

PiriPiriOmletteOver this time I have had it all here and my recommended items are all kinds of Omelettes which is their speciality and even among those the Piri Piri Cheese Omelette is the best one. It is filled with small cubes of cheese along with a gentle serving of Piri Piri Masaala which makes it ideal for people of all palates and this is a must try while you’re here.

The other must try item here is of-course the various variants of Maggi and my favourite among them is the Desi Maggie. I would however like to make a note that is a bit spicy and exactly the way I like my Maggie to be. In case you’re not much into spicy food you can try the other milder variants like Omelette Maggie or the Cheese Maggie and you should be fine.

Areas of improvement – I have tried their stuffed paranthas as well and to be really honest they’re not exactly at the same level as the aforementioned items. The stuffing comes out to be a bit dry and so does the overall preparation of paranthas. So that’s something which once improves will add further feathers to their cap.

The Verdict – I have seen some reviewers bashing them for their prices etc however I am not quite sure how does the reviewers/bloggers decide on the pricing of a place, you just can’t ! Taking everything into consideration I found the place to be value for money and their Tea with Bun Maska is also a nice combination which can be had when you’re not in a mood to gobble a lot. The place is operated by a couple, for them it is their first startup and considering that I guess they’re doing a fine job.

P.S. – They’re currently running a 50% off promotion on their delivery menu when one orders through Swiggy or Zomato (their could be other delivery partners which I am not aware of) and I am almost ordering breakfast from them almost every 2-3 days trying to make the most of this offer. In all earnestness, I believe you should make the most of it too !


Arth, Westin – Pune

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An exciting experience Indeed !

Rating – 4.5/5

It is not often that a fantastic biryani preparation is not the center of biryanimaster’s food experience while dining out ! However there are always firsts in life and this tasting at Arth, Westin Pune was one such outing❤️

The Ambience – This is actually quite grandiose and as you enter it can be a bit overwhelming of sorts.

Honestly speaking I was in awe of the place to begin with and just being here evoked a sense of exclusivity that would be difficult to replicate at any other place in Pune.

The Food – One thing needs to be said before I dive into the taste part of things, the presentation of the food is outstanding, much like what you see in International versions of Masterchef. However the quantity is also pretty much Masterchef like, strictly Okay for one person having a moderate diet. For someone like me with a monstrous diet, I found the starters’ quantity to be a bit underwhelming. The Main course was still better in this department, but that’s how they position themselves so no real complaints there !

I definitely feel odd while writing this but that is the truth indeed, the two best dishes I found in starters were both Mushroom based ones, though they were quite different from each other, this was one beautiful way to use mushroom the ingredient the way it was used in both these starters. Special word for the Mushroom Gilawat kebab, this was comparable to the best of Galawati kebabs anywhere in India while the melt in the mouth Kashmiri Morels with smoked mushrooms stuffing was delectable indeed !

My constant grudge among the Pune food scene were duly addressed by the above three dishes – Mutton Chops with thankfully a good bite of mutton and aromatic smoky flavors that took this dish to great heights. The Kakori Kebab is awesomely tender with rich flavors and this is the best Kakori I have eaten in Pune. Only after all these dishes comes the turn of Mutton Biryani which is fantastic if you like your biryani as the Nawabs like it. Since the biryani here is the Lucknowi variant, it is aromatic, fragrant, spiced in a subtle manner and the Mutton chunks are absolutely tender and juicy, this I may dare say is arguably the best Lucknowi biryani in Pune❤️

The Verdict – Their executive Chef Amninder Sandhu has done a fantastic job with some not so common ingredients and has curated some fantastic Indian delicacies at their best. Lastly the other unique part of all the cooking that happens at Arth is the concept of gas-free cooking ! All of these preparations are cooked on charcoal/wood fire and that’s an interesting concept indeed. All said and done the value for money quotient does take a bit of a back seat here when I compare the quantity with the pricing but some of the stuff is class apart indeed !

Dawat-e-Khas@Eighty Eight, Hyatt Pune

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Mohammed Ali Road in Pune !

Rating – 4/5

A lot of five stars these days have an affinity for street food and attempt to emulate the street food flavors within the five star ambience. On initial look the task looks pretty straightforward but I have seen many such events fall flat on their face and is obviously something that is extremely challenging and difficult to achieve within the limitations considering the palates they usually cater to !

Did Hyatt Pune make an impression for this Mohammed Ali Road festival or did it come out as disappointing, read on to know more about my experience.

The Ambience – The Ambience was interesting with thelas, decorations all round and servers dressed in a particular costume to make you feel the atmosphere of the food heaven of Mumbai.

The live counters of chaat, fruits, sharbat and starters were actually able to depict as if I was indeed eating out on the street so kudos to that 🙂

The Food – I was definitely impressed by the starters and tawa items, the Indian Desserts prepared by their in-house halwai were pretty good as well and resonated the vibes of the festival. The Mains except a couple of items was the usual five star stuff which was good but didn’t quite give me anything out of the ordinary from the street food festival perspective.

Some of the best items I enjoyed during this outing were Chicken Seekh Kebab (unique flavors), Bheja Fry (spicy & tasty), Faluda Sharbat – unusual but refreshing drink to start with ! The Chicken Haleem was pleasantly as good as one could get on the streets of Hyderabad – though not quite the same but close enough. Mutton Dalcha & Khichda couldn’t leave any particular impression, I was looking forward to both of them eagerly though ):

The other highlights of the evening were the Desserts, especially the Sheer Khurma seemed pretty authentic with fresh and crunchy vermicelli adding that crunch to the sweet preparation. Among other Indian desserts the Khaja, Kalakand and barfi were something to cherish about.

BiryaniThe Verdict – At 1450 + taxes, the festival can be termed as value for Money simply because of the starters & desserts coupled with the overall festive atmosphere. The festival is ON till 15th of June so hurry and enjoy the fun while it lasts !

Charcoal Eats, Kalyani Nagar – Pune

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A good experience !

Rating – 4/5

Charcoal Eats has over 10 outlets all over in Pune and I happened to walk across to the Kalyani Nagar location with my hopes not too high as I don’t usually fancy on the go food packed in a box for quick consumption. I am more of an Old School, conventional Restaurant food lover so with a bit of reluctance I agreed to try their food.

Ambience – The ambience is pretty decent if a bit minimal with 6-7 tables within the premises. They have a concept of Centralized kitchen wherein their items are delivered in slots to all the outlets and are kept/prepared within a controlled environment to give the customers a quick order and fulfillment experience.

The Food – All of the items I tried during this outing were surprisingly good but the definite star of the evening were the Loaded Fries with Tandoori spice flavor, topped up with garlic mayo that took the preparation to such an exciting level that I had to order another one. Despite the fries loaded so much with the sauces, not for a single moment did the fries feel soggy at all. This was one of the most fantastic Fries preparations I had in a long time. At 119 bucks this is one of the best value for money preparations you can get while you’re here. #oneofthebestfriesever

BiryaniAchariAlooAchari Aloo –  This was a bit spicy and had a bit of crunchiness going for it. The masala engulfing the potatoes was tasty and overall I liked the preparation.

Classic Chicken Biryani – The Biryani is good with tender chicken pieces however one shouldn’t expect this preparation to compete with a traditional dum biryani, so keep your expectations honest and hopefully you wouldn’t be disappointed. However being the biryani-master I wouldn’t rate this as one of the best biryani preparations I would look forward to queue up but this isn’t a bad preparation either by any stature of imagination.

PeriPeriChickenPizzaPeri Peri Chicken Pizza Squares – This Pizza is pretty good and the defining factor is the puff base which makes it so different from everything else in the market. The toppings are pretty pizza like while the base has the crunchiness and puffiness of a Puff ! At 169 bucks this is again a value for money preparation guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds and appetite. #prettygood

YGYA2441Chocolate Mousse – This was an Okayish preparation since the consistency half of the way was kind of freezed and later on became a bit frothy and light. I wouldn’t call it a traditional Mousse preparation and it certainly left a bit more than what I desired for this one.

The Verdict – This is a pocket friendly place that serves you pretty decent food while not taking too much of your time. This is an ideal place for on the go food, the place is self-serviced and all the meals come in boxes from which one can eat directly with plastic spoons and forks. Overall given the pricing and taste combination, I would rate them highly in the value for money proposition, go for it when you can !

The Daily All Day, Koregaon Park, Pune

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A good new option in Koregaon Park !

Rating – 4/5

The Daily All Day has been a recent addition to the ever growing busy lanes of KP and a pleasant addition at that.

The place is warmly lit and offers an outdoor seating with smoking zone and a chilled out indoor seating with a concept of good news messages hanging out from the ceiling. The other of-course noteworthy part is the presence of their resident Dog Flippy who actually flips over when you pet it, so if at any point of time you become bored of all the delicious food they are serving, Flippy can always be the savior !

Among the Finger food/starters Champagne Mushroom Fricassee & Chicken Pastry (Pollo Funghi E Jalapeno) were awesome. The Mushroom Fricassee was champagne kissed with an extremely tender and succulent filling of mushrooms. The filling was creamy, soft and everything that I don’t usually associate with Mushrooms, a fantastic option for my vegetarian readers. The Chicken Pastry was equally tantalizing in its texture and taste and is a good option to order while you’re here.

I am not a Salad person at all so its not my area of expertise to comment about the salad variants in details, however if I had to pick one then I would always pick the Chicken variant 🙂

Mocktails especially the Moon Maiden mocktail with goodness of Lychee & Cranberry juice was pretty competitive and even the Kiwi based Scarecrow Mocktail was pretty decent !

These were the best two Mains one could order here while the Grilled Porcini Chicken served with Asparagus held on to its own however the Beurre Noisette John Dory (an Australian white fish variant) served with an uncharacteristic combination of Risotto was the show stopper of the evening for me. The Fish was just perfectly cooked and tender like cheese which was further accentuated by a delicious serving of a tangy Risotto. This is actually the first time I found a Risotto preparation to be so good that I am going gaga over it. For the vegetarian part, the Spaghetti slow cooked in Roma tomatoes in a buttery basil sauce was highly addictive as well !


This was a fluffy, soft and chocolate full of dessert that didn’t even last 30 seconds after it was served on our Table. The almost samosa shaped dessert did full justice to its cheese and chocolate chip ingredients and was an apt way to finish a good meal at the Daily All Day.

The Verdict – A definite recommendation from me, with a comfortable seating & pleasant Ambience coupled with good food & overall good vibes be here and soak in all the goodness All Day. Most importantly don’t forget Flippy !

Lord of the Drinks, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

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A decent experience !

Rating – 4/5


Lord of the Drinks, a famed multi city chain opened its doors in Pune a couple of months ago. As the name suggests the place is supposedly a heaven of sorts for Cocktail lovers though in this review you won’t find a reference of any since I am a teetotaler 😉 However I would try my level best to give you a decent idea about the non-alcoholic drinks and food I had in this outing of mine.

Ambience – They are a huge setting and the interiors are plush and swanky giving them that look of the Lords ! Music thankfully is not played at a blasting volume and the overall atmosphere is pretty engaging indoors.

They also have an open air rooftop which is serene and is ideal to be spending your time at on a cool breezy evening. In case you want a pleasant time, please head straight to their rooftop, when in mood for a happening ambience, stay indoors. Since the place is at a busy junction in Kalyani Nagar, their Valet parking service comes in really handy and is much appreciated.

The Drinks – One thing that sort of impressed me here was the presentation and detailed care given to the drinks. For the teetotalers like me all of the Mocktails were pretty good. The Paan based mocktail was getting curated (hence unnamed) and we were the first ones to taste this refreshing mocktail which predominantly had a mint flavor followed by a subtle Paan flavor. I liked all the three mocktails which went well with the starters and food in general.

The Food – All of the above items were pretty decent however if I were to mention couple of them then Chettinad Chicken Pizza with its classical South Indian touch and Rawalpindi Chholey Parantha with its typical North Indian Punjabi flavors were the standouts.

Among the items I enjoyed most during the evening were the Shish Kebab- such a delicious & tender chicken kebab and thankfully didn’t have the typical Indian flavors, this for me was the best dish of the evening. #bestdishoftheevening . Oyster Mushrooms was the best vegetarian dish of the evening while the Ajwaini Tempura had minimum flavors with the flavor of Ajwain being not too prominent which gave this dish its rustic flavors.

The Desserts – I am not a Pana Cotta fan by any stature of imagination however the Nutella Chocolate Pana Cotta was best desser of the evening while the Tiramisu and Blue berry french toast were not bad but pretty standard stuff, the Pana Cotta took the cake for me.

The Verdict – Overall I pretty much enjoyed my time here, it isn’t the most expensive place you would ever come across either. The food is good, mocktails are fine and the cocktails as per the fellow tasters told me were outstanding so go for it for either of the above reasons and you too have a good time !

China Grill, Viman Nagar, Pune

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An outstanding experience !

Rating – 5/5

So here I am, an avid food lover first and can write a thing or two about food too but at best I try to keep my reviews simple and I am not too good at decorating my reviews either. I have been eating out food for ages and writing about it for the last 3+ years but never ever I have had a Royal experience (not even on food tastings) like this both in terms of hospitality (very few places know what that means) and some really outstanding food.

When one is looking to dine at a place called China Grill, what would you expect? Good Chinese food, right? Wrong ! Ok partially correct, they do have some good Chinese food for sure, there’s no denying the fact but they have an equally good North Indian Menu that matches its Indo-Chinese counterpart blow for blow.

In Prerna Mam they have one of the most friendly and polite Business owners I ever met. Since the PEO set menu was quite a big one and we went on a weeknight, my only request to Prerna Mam was to ensure that we be served promptly and we don’t want to stay till 11 as my Daughter had her School to attend the next day. Prerna Mam then personally supervised the Kitchen for at-least 30 minutes or so and not for a moment from that point onwards we felt any lag in the plethora of dishes that were to be served.

Ambience1What sets this place apart from a lot of other ones is the fact that this is a complete package of sorts, friendly owner, friendly staff, great food, great ambience and absolute value for money.

The Food – The amount of food we had, it will take double the number of words I have penned so far to cover everything but I’ll just cover the best of the best dishes and leave the rest for you to explore.

Corn Curd Mongolian (too good for a picture to be clicked) – This came like a usual vegetarian starter which we looked down at (initially) despite this being listed as a PEO exclusive but first bite and we understood why it was listed so. This is prepared by crushing corn, to make a batter and then is cooked to perfection where the texture is soft and fluffy from inside but a touch crispy from outside and its just yummy, period ! #beststarter

TandooriGobhiTandoori Gobhi – This had the best marinade among all starters (non veg included), this was spicy and a little fiery but I loved it so much that with its marinade I ended up combining chicken morsels from another starter. This was finger licking good in its true sense and mind you this is coming from a hardcore non vegetarian who goes by the handle of #biryanimaster.

BasilChickenBasil Chicken – Another outstanding starter in the Indo Chinese cuisine that expectedly had the taste of basil but it unexpectedly mixed so well with the overall preparation that we wondered why we don’t find this combination often. #uniquetaste

NizamiNizami Murgh Tikka – Tender chicken chunks in a medium spicy marinade was quite good and for folks who can’t stand a lot of spicy food it is the ideal starter.

Fish Shanghai – This was the second most starter we consumed in terms of quantity after Corn Curd Mongolian and the fish seemed so fresh and tender that we just kept eating it #bestofthelot

DrinkThe Mocktails were pretty good with Lychee Punch & Strawberry based ones being the best among equals.

FlatLayFor Mains we didn’t quite have the appetite but the best ones were still the Chicken Kolhapuri, Paneer Tikka Masala, Green Thai Curry & Roast Lamb chilly with fried rice.

SpecialNaanThe Verdict – Woah that was some dinner we had and it was the best time we had in ages, trust me we have had some really good times with food but this was the most enjoyable and satisfying meal we had in the last year or so ! Please check the Set yet unlimited menu for 900 bucks per person (for Pune eat outs card holders only), go for it and just fall in love with it !