Absolute Barbecues, Kalyani Nagar Pune

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Great deal @ Absolute Barbecues


Rating – 4/5

Pricing – Starts from 567++ and goes upto 825++ depending on Veg/Non Veg, Lunch/Dinner/Specific Days.

Children charges – For ages 6-9, 325 + Taxes

Early Bird Dinner offer – Wed-Sun between 6.30-7pm, 599++ for Veg and 725++ for Non Veg.

Deal – The 25% off discount is on top of all the charges aforementioned above !

I had a fairly good time at the new barbecue destination in town at Kalyani Nagar and the evening mostly delivered what it promised in the form of some good starters, fair enough main course and fantastic desserts.

What differentiates ABs from other places at the moment is the concept of Wish Grill where one needs to select from a variety of exotic meats like those of shark, rabbit, octopus…so far and so forth, select your choice of sauce and other condiments and voila your choice of Grill will be ready and delivered to your table in 10 minutes or so.

My favourites from this outing were the Chilly Garlic Prawns, Chicken Tikka (requested extra spicy and it was great), Paneer Tikka (nicely spiced and not bland at all), American Cheese sauce Potatoes, Crispy Corn, Veg Kebab (with green peas and cottage cheese), Grilled Pineapple, Dahi vada, Mutton Rogan Josh, Rasmalai, Chocolate truffle pudding, Chocolate balls.

The best part of desserts was their dedicated cold stone Ice cream counter with 4-5 different flavours of Icecream and the Paan flavour worked fantastically well for me and it was the best way of polishing off a good meal !

Areas of improvements – Seemed like a majority of serving staff is new and in terms of serving just at the right moment and in terms of customisation as per the customer there’s still some way for them to go. The service turnaround time may always be a challenge to an extent as I have seen it full almost all the time but they still need to address this to make the turnaround time better if not perfect.

In Mr.Rohit Rathi they have a fantastic customer service person who took care of not just our varying demands of customisations but was on his toes to delight other customers as well around us. I am sure till the time Mr.Rathi is with ABs eventually other staff will also come to terms with the teething problems and will do well.

Make most of the 25% discount offer till 20th August and have a good time like I did


1441 Pizzeria, Seasons Mall – Pune

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1441 Pizzeria – Wood fired Italian Pizzas.

Rating – 4/5

What – 1441 Pizzeria !

Options – Wood fired Pizzas, Lemonades, Pastas, various Cheese based starters and breads, desserts and more.

USP – close to international standards, considering their ingredients are shipped from Italy including the flour and spices. The only caution – you may not find too much Indianised taste in their Pizzas if that’s what you look for in your Pizzas.

Costs – 11” Pizzas cost from Rs 395 to 695 based on the classification you select while the munchies range from Rs 245 till 295 to give you an idea.

RecommendationsPeri Peri Chicken legs, Chilli cheese bread, Nutella Pizza, Lychee Lemonade, chicken wings (slightly on the sweeter side) and Smoked Chicken wood fired Pizza.

Details :

The much famed 1441 Pizzeria chain from Mumbai has recently opened its doors to the Pune folks on Seasons Mall, situated on the second floor, the place offers complete customisable options to truly make your own pizzas. I however didn’t choose this option and went for half of Smoked Chicken Pizza and the veg Krish Pizza. By Indian palate standards one may find the Pizzas a little bland (I certainly found to an extent) but then based on what I had eaten on a few of my international exploits these were right up there with the best I have had.

PeriPeriChickenThe best dish of the evening for me were the Peri Peri Chicken legs (thanks to my biased Indian taste buds) these were nicely spiced, juicy chicken legs served with a nicely tossed up salad. I absolutely loved it and while you’re here you just cannot afford to miss this preparation.

The next best thing in savouries was the Cheese Chilli Bread, infused with plenty of cheese and garlicky flavour that wasn’t quite over the top, this went nicely with the Lychee and Masala Lemonades.

In desserts, the Nutella Pizza was pretty good with lots and lots of Nutella to go with those tender marshmallows, it’s practically impossible to not like the preparationThough it could have been just a slight crunchy to give that crunch in every bite which I thought was somewhat missing, gave the feedback and hopefully this will be taken care of !

Some area of improvements – Found their special smoky cheese dough balls a little underwhelming – required a bit more cheese than what was stuffed and the right quantity of cheese would elevate it to the desired level.

ChickenWingsThe Chicken wings were slightly sweeter than what is usually available so a little more adjustment on the Sweet quotient would definitely help though the chicken texture and tenderness were right on the button.

Staff & Service – The staff seemed pretty knowledgeable about their preparations and were able to recommend dishes based on our likes/dislikes which is always a good sign and the service was overall courteous not just to us but to the regular customers from what I could gauge from a distance 👍🏼

The Verdict – Nice cozy place for some hatke Italian + ever so slightly Indian tampered taste, when in mood for this variant of food I would definitely look to visit them.

Farzi Cafe, Kalyani Nagar – Pune

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Get farzified with new menu launch at the Farzi Cafe !

Rating – 4.5/5

I was pretty happy and impressed with my recent outing to the Farzi Cafe in Kalyani Nagar.

I always thought the place is more about Ambience and presentation than food but the recent experience definitely impressed me and I will be back here again soon.

ChickenWithBhakriThe show-stoppers of the evening were “Chicken Sukha with Nachani ki bhakri” -spicy and moist chicken chunks served on small portions of bhakri❤️ while the black chicken skewers were equally nice, tender and tasty😋

The other recommended items from my experience are Nachos made from nachani from their new Street Chaat Menu followed by Mishti Doi shots, Parle G Cheesecake, Patishapta dessert with a delicious serving of rabdi, Shawarma Biryani.

Some of the items from their new menu of Bar nibbles – papadam with gunpowder chutney and lunch bowl meal – Malwani Macchi bowl respectively were pretty tasty and enticing. The gunpowder chutney needs a special mention as we were munching on the papadams like crazy as the chutney was simple yet mind blowing !

Being on a tasting service is always expected to be good and this was not different either so no complaints there.The ambience and overall atmosphere was relaxed and perfect for a happening evening with friends / family.

FarziLogoOverall I found the pricing to be pretty decent when taken in conjunction with the quantity they served considering the experience that you get !

Grandmama’s Cafe, Koregaon Park – Pune

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New Cafe Launch in Koregaon Park !

Rating – 4/5

What – Grandmama’s Cafe !

Where – South Main Road, Koregaon Park – Survey 21-A/10-B, Plot 394.

Pricing – Everything ranged from 100-300 bucks – so I would say moderately priced according to KP standards

Service Charge – Yes (7%)

exteriorPositives – Delightful Ambience and among F&B – Cheesy Fries, Green Apple & Lemongrass Mocktail, Chicken Croquettes, Jalapeno Mac & Cheese sticks & Choco Mudcake.

Happened to attend Mumbai’s much famed Grandmama’s Cafe in Koregaon Park earlier in the week and the experience was good though it’s difficult to gauge a place entirely on its launch, still they were able to manage it decently.

They have an outdoor covered seating as well as partially indoor setting on the grand floor while the first floor which is still in its finishing touches has an impressive interior indeed.

Being a Cafe, the edibles usually ranged from Nibbles, finger food, Pizzas, Mocktails, Iced Teas, Coffees, Thick Shakes, Coolers, Breakfast specials, Salads, Shawarmas, Burgers, Sandwiches, Desserts and what not ! I must say it was an extensive menu indeed.

Our brief encounter started with a serving of Green Apple & Lemongrass Mocktail plus Choco Oreo Shake. The Mocktail was pretty good and unique though the Choco Oreo Shake was average at best, it wasn’t sweet enough and lacked the kitkat/Oreo chunks one would usually associate with this preparation.

In the tidbits – Cheesy Fries were cheesy and went well on an overcast day with Mocktails. Chicken Croquettes were pretty decent and went well again though the Nachos were a bit bland to be honest and I didn’t like them much.

The best two preparations of the day for me were the Jalapeno Mac & Cheese sticks & the gooey chocolatey slice of Choco Mud cake – dark chocolate at its best !

The overall experience was good for me and it was great to meet the Grandmama in person as well from where the name of this Chain of Cafes come from.Our server seemed pretty confused with our order on a number of occasions but I guess that’s expected of a new place and especially on the day of Launch.

No real complaints though and overall a cozy experience.

Kabiro, Lane 6 Koregaon Park – Pune

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A good place to hangout with good North Indian Food !

Rating – 4/5

What’s the Offer – Rs 399 for unlimited F&B on the entire Menu using Pune Eat Outs card!

Seating – Outdoor covered and indoor AC section in next door Mr. Vandal (from the same owners).

Any Extra charges – 5% Service charge, 5% GST.

Other Information – Serves Sheesha, dedicated smoking zone, doesn’t serve alcohol.

Among the numerous offers currently live on PEO, this was one amazing offer that caught my attention as we were returning to Pune after an excursion to an Agro Resort in Bhor. What a good choice It indeed turned out – it would be an understatement if I say the food especially the North Indian food here surprised me and how?

Fantastic kebabs – The Malai Tikka is for the milder taste buds and an ideal choice of kids are accompanying you. The best starter for me however was the Lucknawi Chicken Tikka – it was all what you would desire in an ideal Tikka preparation – moist, tender, aptly spiced and chargrilled appropriately. I simply loved it.

Good Mains – Both the Chicken Tikka Lazeez & Mutton Rogan Josh were good North Indian Mains with no local tampering evident as is the case at so many other places but not here. Both the preparations went absolutely great with the equally competent Cheese Garlic Naan.

GajarHalwaCool Desserts – Gajar Halwa in this season? On enquiry these were not the frozen carrots but the local ones which are still available and though it wasn’t the best Gajar Halwa I ever tasted but it was still quite workable and I wasn’t certainly disappointed at all.GulabJamunThe Gulab Jamun Rabdi (in a thin variant) again surprised me, it’s served cold and I enjoyed every bit of it, it was sweet, cold and the best part somehow the preparation managed to preserve the taste of both Gulab Jamun and Rabdi despite being served together.

A few observations – The only slight issue I faced was the overall setting being a total smoking zone and if you’re accompanied by non smokers / kids the setting can be quite challenging. On a warm day the indoor AC section in Mr.Vandal is out of bounds if you’re accompanied by kids as the entry is restricted to 18 years and above.

EntranceAs we were leaving the place, I bumped into the owner Mr.Sandeep and he informed that they are planning to make one entire outdoor section to be non smoking as to cater to family crowd and the changes will happen soon which is good to know.

Coming back to the offer, I can only say that the three of us ate total maal of 2210 bucks, enjoyed it totally while playing board games like Jenga, Snakes & Ladders and more and ended up paying 1300 bucks only.

Bar Bar, Phoenix Market City – Pune

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New Community Cocktails Menu launch !

Rating – 4/5

BarBarEntranceHad an awesome time at Bar Bar Pune with an interesting concept of Community Indulgence Menu. The Menu includes a number of especially curated cocktails, veg and non veg platters to go with the drinks.

fishtikkaIn the frame is the Non Veg Platter that comes with a serving of Fish Tikka, chicken tikka, chicken chilly and the best of the lot buttermilk chicken popcorn that was a bit tangy, crunchy and I can guarantee that no one can eat just one. It is one of the best munchy preparation I have come across recently.

BudCoolantStarting at around 1700 bucks, a sufficient pitcher of Cocktails coupled with the veg/non Veg Platter is the ideal fuel for that hangout with friends. One such combination is enough for 3 pax and hence has an immense value for money quotient.

The taste of the Platter items was fantastic and my fellow blogger enjoyed her cocktails to the fullest making this an outstanding combination.

Among other items I did enjoy my Choco Oreo Shake and Choco Ganache preparation in desserts.This isn’t a limited period offer but a permanent addition to their Menu and looks to be a good one for sure, being a teetotaller can’t really add any value towards the cocktails but the quantity and presentation definitely looked good !

I know that Bar Bar loves it patrons but I want to add that we love Bar Bar too. The same offer is also available at their sibling “212 Bar & Cafe” also at the Pheonix Market City Pune.

Firangi Bake, Wadgaon Sheri Pune

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A decent delivery tasting experience !

Rating – 3/5

Got a tasting opportunity when contacted by Firangi Bake’s PR for a review program for bloggers in Pune. This was my first time ordering from them and ended up ordering two dishes. Delivery happened bang on time at 8 pm sharp and food arrived still warm and sort of fresh, my location within 2-3 kms of their wadgaon sheri outlet definitely should have helped but the packaging indeed was neat.


Minced Chicken Lasagna – This was a total disappointment with the top cheese infused lasagna topping being the only saving grace. Rest of the minced chicken and other ingredients in the base were overboard on flavors and spices. By spicy I don’t mean to say that there was a lot of chilly, no that’s not what I mean but there was an overdose of some garam masaala in the preparation and felt a bit more salty as well.

1531660626809Tandoori Kukkad Pot Rice – This was a good preparation and thankfully my dinner wasn’t spoiled because of this deliciously prepared Rice. The dish had a lasagna like topping but beneath all the cheesiness was a tasty covering of rice and the last layer had some pretty tasty chicken chunks that went equally well with the rice and the accompanying bread.

The Verdict – My verdict here is sort of mixed as one dish was close to disaster while the other one was pretty tasty. As a result I would give them a chance again and order from them next when I am in a mood of asking for delivery. Both the dishes at Rs 300 bucks each however doesn’t exactly do justice to the portions that were delivered and that lowers the value for money quotient for me slightly. Rest all is good here 🙂