Grand Buffet, Seasons Mall – Pune

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A good experience indeed !

Rating – 4/5.

As a sandwich between two movies on the Republic Day Weekend, we visited @thegrandbuffet Seasons Mall and to be really honest I had minimal expectations as a result of my last visit probably an year ago. I must say that they have really raised their game with all these new Barbeque outlets coming into fray and with a competitive pricing of 499/599++ for Mon-Thu (Veg/Non Veg) this is a fairly reasonable deal.

The Ambience – With both the indoor and outdoor seating options available, the one at the outdoor section is my preferred section that looks absolutely dazzling at night. The indoor section is pretty alright too and no real complaints at all.

Talking about the food, with about 14 starters to kick off the meal – most of them were upto the mark and some of them were pretty tasty too. I tasted 2-3 Mains and all the desserts, the overall package was too good as a cool value for money proposition. My recommendations as below:

Mutton Shorba (too good)

Kumbh ke sholay

Corn Salt & Pepper (fantastic)

Chatpata Prawns

Butter Fried Prawns (very tasty)

Chicken Tikka (tender & juicy)

Chicken Wings (best starter)

Chicken Tikka Masala

Mutton Rogan Josh

Daal Makhani



Coconut Laddoo

Barfi (best dessert)


The service was pretty quick and though we were on a tasting so it was supposed to be quick but I saw their floor Supervisor Mr.Balram, their Manager Mr. Michael guide and supervise their staff to manage the crowd well. Mr.Chandan who took care of our table did a pretty good job and Mr.Balram did his best to ensure that they showcased their best which is so important while someone is out on a tasting invite.

Areas of improvement:

While most of the things were upto the mark, there were a few blemishes that could definitely be improved upon:

Chilly chicken’s outer coating was a little chewy and hard which spoilt the preparation.

Shahi Tukda was not upto the mark as the bread was mostly soggy and the sweet rabdi type preparation in which it was immersed tasted nothing like a Shahi Tukda should ):

The Verdict – Apart from these two issues rest of the 30+ dishes were upto the mark which sets an extremely positive precedent for me to come over again in the near future. Grab all these dishes and more for 555/666++ from Friday to Sunday at 2nd Floor Seasons Mall, Magarpatta Pune


Mineority by Saby, Kalyani Nagar Pune

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An excellent outing at the only Miner’s theme cafe in Town !

Rating – 4.5/5

At the only mining theme Cafe in Pune and otherwise wherever I have been so far – had a lovely time with our host Rutuja and team of fellow bloggers. When the company is good and the accompanying food turns out good too then these kind of tastings are the best ones 🙂

Inspired by the “Addas” for miners after a hard day’s work in the City of Asansol and nearby areas , almost each wall within the cafe tells a story on its own and this by far is the most unique theme I have been to any cafe 🙂

However being a foodie, theme etc are fine for me but does the food is good enough too?? Well, the answer is a resounding Yess !Taste is a subjective matter and what I like or recommend you may not like but one thing I can guarantee the food definitely is unique here with a lot of North eastern food flavours which one doesn’t generally get in other places in Pune. Some of my recommendations from today’s tasting are:

Khao Suey with Prawns was pretty tasty and is a meal in itself, this combination of authentic Khao Suey with prawns was something I had for the first time and it was a cool combination indeed !

Club Chicken steak was something you would definitely love with your eyes first with all the colours and to follow up the taste is pretty good too.

Kolkata style Chicken Biryani served with boiled eggs and Tandoori Aloo was pretty decent and the Lucknowi influence with minimal ground spices and more of an aroma was fairly evident.


Tribal fish fingers was pretty tasty – crunchy on the outside and absolutely tender inside.

Latin Quiso Fundido – Molten cheese fondue with mushrooms, croutons and chips is a revelation every single time with the gooey and cheesy sauce to go with with crunchy croutons️.

Jhal Moori was a spicy snack that you can have if you lost your taste buds due to cold/fever as I often do, it was unique and a nice snack that you can continuously munch upon.

Incidentally if you’re not into alcoholic drinks and love your mocktails the Mango Berry is one drink you just can’t afford to miss, this is such a delightful option to have with a milky base and it’s my favourite every time I am out here.

The Desserts – Two of the best desserts one can try here are the Tres Leches cake & the Jurassic Cheese cake, both are awesome though I was a little more inclined towards the cheese cake and it disappeared from the bloggers table in no time.

The Verdict – One thing about them is the quality of all of their stuff is impeccable, no matter what you try – more often than not the end result what you’re going to get is total quality, combine that with a chic ambience & responsive service.

The Rooftop Project, M.G. Road – Pune

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A nice rooftop setting in this part of the City !

Rating – 4/5.

The Rooftop Project is a nice rooftop place in the MG Road area and one which can definitely be given a serious thought to after you have fried your brain doing all the bargaining at this most exciting street of Pune.

Being a rooftop the ambience does justice consisting of both the covered and uncovered sections with one section overlooking the entire MG Road stretch that looks extremely colorful during the evenings.

Among the tid-bits the Karari roti is a good option to start with while the Thecha Naan was different and I had something of this kind for the first time and liked it. The Loaded Nachos were literally loaded with a lot of Cheese & Mayo that went well with the Mocktails. The Rum Dum Prawns flambed with Rum were delicious too and I loved it.

The Mocktails served were pretty decent with Mango Cutie being my favourite among the all !

One good point about them is they serve a variety of cuisines, in one meal we had Tandoor items, Dumplings, North Indian Curries, Biryanis and what not ! The mutton biryani was a very decent Mutton Dum Biryani preparation that had a lot of “Dum” (power) going for it in terms of some great flavours that were just not in the mutton pieces but were intermingled perfectly in the rice too (always a good sign).The preparation ticked most of the boxes in terms of the rice being fluffy, moist, not overly spicy, not under-spiced either and the accompanying raita was nice too 🙂

.The in-house Paan Kulfi had good paan flavors going for it and overall this was pretty decent. What makes up for a cool Tiramisu – probably as a nice balance between liquer, type of cheese, usage of eggs vs heavy cream or both?This one had everything going for it though I personally like that creamy rich texture with the use of heavy cream, the egg whites didn’t quite bother me here.The Mascarpone cheese used did lend its sweetness to the preparation and helped in balancing the strongness of liquer though the one used here Amaretto is not the most bitter ones around either.

In all I loved this preparation and once all the various photo sessions are over this was gobbled by everyone in rapid speed and it would only be fair to say this was a cool preparation to end what was a pretty good meal.

Irish House, Phoenix Market City, Pune

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A Power Packed Lunch Indeed !

Rating – 5/5

Irish house brings the concept of Power Lunch with some delicious fare up for grabs. Apart from the usual menu, the Power Lunch Menu has especially designed items with portions curated for a single person.

My recommendations.

Crispy Chicken Parmigiana – I absolutely loved the Crispy Chicken Parmigiana in the foreground, it had a crunch going for it in every bite and combined with a rich baby tomato based sauce had a bit of tanginess that went really well. Coupled with grilled Zucchini spaghetti it couldn’t get any better than this.

Grilled Pepper Chicken – This was one tasty preparation and a must have while you’re here. It’s an interesting departure from the usual accompanying mashed potatoes with this kind of preparation. The red wine jus (French Ju) and the mushroom spaghetti were not the supporting cast here but too this recipe to another level. I would even be tempted to say that I liked the spaghetti more than the chicken but I must add the combination of the three elements – pepper chicken dripped in flavorsome Jus to go with this delicious spaghetti made for an awesome dish.

Lamb Sliders & Drinks – The Lamb sliders or the sort of Mini Burgers were fantastically done and had such nice Kebabish kind of lamb patty that was the soul of this preparation and I loved every single bite of it.

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Shake / Spiced Guava Mary

Both drinks were a potent companion for a Teetotaler like me during this lunch, while the spcied Guava Mary was a spiced up drink, the shake had all the goodness of Chocolate with the Peanut butter making up for a special appearance and hence I like it very much everytime I am here.

The Verdict – All the items I tasted in this Power Lunch were fantastic one after the other and at 349-425 bucks per item that is good enough for a single person’s Lunch this is an amazing proposition to be had at a setting like the Irish House, go for it by all means !

1441 Pizzeria, Koregaon Park – Pune

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Go for the Peri Peri Chicken !

Rating – 4/5

What makes for an ideal meal? Good food, cozy environment and a great company ! This was one such evening when all the elements came together and we had a great time.

1441PizzeriaThe Ambience is pretty decent, right now the parking is a paid one while the service though is not lightening fast, the servers were courteous but they need to up their game in terms of being more pro-active in terms of supplying the condiments on to the table. Nothing serious to complain about but just a few little blemishes here and there if avoided can make the overall experience even better.

It’s primarily a Pizzeria but the show stopper for me every time are these perfectly grilled, aptly spiced Peri Peri Chicken Legs. The only slight grudge I can think of is the fact that once the upper grilled/spiced up layer is eaten the stuff beneath is a bit bland. Once this is taken care of there’s just no better preparation than this one by a great margin !

Among the Pizzas I have enjoyed the Krish and Smoked Chicken Pizza while I was there while the Cheese Chilly Chicken bread was pretty decent too ! The Tiramisu in desserts was pretty delicious too and was a good way to finish a good meal.

In a nutshell the newly opened 1441 pizzeria at Koregaon Park is a cool place to chill out if you like your pizzas and chicken wings at not so exorbitant prices. The place has come up next to Starbucks & Savya Rasa in KP, needless to say it’s a must visit for sure !

Royal China, Westin – Pune

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Royal food outing at Royal China !
Rating – 4.5/5
As we entered this piece of art at the Westin Pune, the first thing we were told that we serve Cantonese food. While no offence to this cuisine but having lived in HK as my Indian taste buds suffered quite a bit, this opening statement did send a shiver down my spine and I was skeptical how this experience gonna turn out.

The Ambience is classy and sort of formal with light music in the background, this isn’t a place for loud parties but rather a place with serene setup and soft conversations.

HotnSourSoupSoups – Chicken hot & sour / Chicken Coriander soup – Out of the two Chicken Coriander will be my preferred option when dining again while hot and sour soup was good in its own right but didn’t quite suit my taste buds.
MongolionFriedChickenStarters – The showstopper of the evening in starters and main course for me was the Mongolian Fried Chicken. These boneless chicken chunks were fried in appetising spices and had that unexpected “chatpata” flavour that was the USP of this preparation 😍

The other recommendations in starters are the steamed chicken & chive dumplings, smoked shredded chicken and fried chicken wanton.

MocktailsMocktails – The Mango punch was the best Mocktail of the evening and after every bite or so I stealthily had a sip or two away from the prying eyes of my companions 🤓

Mains & Desserts – For mains we chose to be a bit more conventional and went for Chicken Fried rice with Chicken in dry red chilly. These are not your usual Indo-Chinese spicy fried rice and chicken preparations but they were pretty good. This can be a good option for Mains if like me you’re biased towards Indian cuisine.

ChocoDomeThe Chocolate Dome dessert was the perfect way to end this memorable dinner, after the initial spectacle of warm chocolate sauce breaking up the dome revealing the Icecream underneath. The end resultant of Icecream dipped in chocolate sauce coupled with crunchy chocolate flaky bits is bound to give some crispy and delicious bites indeed and we loved it 😍
Overall I will rate this experience at Royal China very highly. I would like to add the food here is not authentic Cantonese but it is not your typical Chindian style either. The food here is somewhat a crossover between Indian/Chinese food and it definitely worked for me !

Flechazo, Wakad – Pune

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Love at first sight – Flechazo !

Rating – 4.5/5

Flechazo Pune is the next best thing in the buffet segment and thankfully a reprieve of sorts from the Barbeque Grills mushrooming in almost every lane of the city. This place has an enormous variety of options to choose from and basically something for everyone.

The seating area is large enough to accommodate over 100 folks at a time and the ambience in general is pretty good, it’s especially lit beautifully during the evenings.

The options vary ranging from making your own Pizza, live counters serving keema Pav, oriental, chaat and other tid-bits on a conveyor belt and what not !The buffet consisting of Starters (14), Mains (12+) and desserts (14+) come on top of all of this ☺️


Liquid Nitrogen at work

The desserts counter is further accentuated by use of liquid nitrogen though it didn’t quite add much to the overall experience for me but it looked good for sure.

However whenever I am here, it’s really these colorful Macarons that I just can’t get enough of and it again ends up a cover picture of my post whether on Insta or on my blog. I can’t help but they are just so photogenic 🙂


Chicken Wings – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Chicken 65 – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Brownies, Macarons and Liquid Nitrogen based Icecream – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mocktails – Kiwi, Watermelon & Apple based were all awesome – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Veg Crispy – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Fish starter – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Chicken Biryani – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Verdict – This blog is a summary of couple of my visits and during the second one, it was time to validate what seemed to be a great promise during the initial one.To be fair to them they actually surpassed my expectations This was one fantastic experience that would be difficult to forget and any buffet place which I visit from now on would be bench-marked against this one for sure.

Lastly I also learnt one more thing as to whatever hacks I may try (like not eating for 14 hours or having a dash of lime & salted water before the meal) I will never have enough appetite to try every single item on their Menu. It’s fantastic and a must visit place !