BBQ OnFire, WTC – Kharadi, Pune

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Seems like a never ending plethora of Good Food !

Rating – 4.5/5

BBQ OnFire much like its other Barbqeue cousins (other barbeque brands in the city) has started with a bang but also has all the ingredients to take it far into the game and not a six months wonder. Kharadi hasn’t had a Barbeque alternative so far and with all the IT folks slogging their days (and nights at times) in WTC and EON, it has all the makings of an affair that may last for a long time if treaded carefully with care and devotion.

Ambience – They have an option of both indoor and outdoor seating and during the evenings it is fun to sit at the covered outdoors with a bit of chill and a hot barbeque on your table lights everything up. On the night we were there it was January 2nd when Pune witnessed a good amount of caste related tension but that also couldn’t deter us from going for this Barbeque and in the end it was definitely worth it.

The Food Line up – So it goes something like the below:

  • 1 Veg / 1 Non Veg Soup
  • 5 Veg Starters
  • 5 Non Veg Starters
  • 6 Non Veg Tawa counter items (Keema kaleji, Fish fry, Keema Pao etc)
  • 5 Veg Tawa counter items (Aloo Gobhi, Bhindi Masala, Veg Tawa subzi etc)
  • 4-5 options of on demand oriental dishes (like Chicken chilly, Paneer chilly, Manchurian etc)
  • 10 Veg Main courses
  • 5 Non Veg Mains inclusive of Biryani
  • 10 types of Desserts (Hot/Cold/Indian/Continental)
  • The meal ends with an on the house “Fire Paan”

All this can be yours at the prices mentioned as per the below flyer:BBQ_OnFire_Pkg

The best recommendations on the Day included Tangdi Mumtaaz, essentially a Tandoori Leg-piece infused with a bit of cheese and it was absolutely lip-smacking. The Chicken Biryani was pretty competent as well and despite being on the buffet for a while, it was kept in its special vessel and on coal fire which ensured that the moisture was retained and the chicken pieces were tender and juicy. The Jhinga Gol Mirch on the grill was one outstanding starter that we kept on ordering one after the other. Almost all of the grilled starters were good and they indeed conspire to make it good so that you can’t eat much of their mains 😉 However between starters and mains there’s still two more categories you have to go through namely the Tawa items and Oriental items and my top picks from here were the Keema Pao and Chilly Chicken, both were outstanding.

The Desserts – In case you happen to have any space left after what I have aforementioned then the desserts are pretty good as well especially the two types of Mousse variants they had on the evening we visited them. In the Indian starters the Gajar Halwa was a traditional home cooked style halwa usually cooked with North Indian style with Khoa instead of just with milk and the end result was pretty rich and satisfying.

The Verdict – I am not sure if I needed to provide any clear verdict here as it should already be clear by now – at this price point the quality as well as the quantity is currently unmatched by any other Barbeque variant in Pune and for the folks living close-by to BBQ OnFire’s location this is an ideal spot to spend your evening with Family coupled with great food and courteous service at an unbelievable value for money quotient !

The Little Next Door – Kalyani Nagar, Pune

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Though door is little, the ensuing fun isn’t quite !

Rating – 4.5/5

This particular experience largely talks about their Friday Unlimited BBQ Menu offer that consists of four veg/non veg starters accompanied by unlimited rounds of Beer/Sangria. This offer is well suited for quick after office get-to-gathers as it was evident while I enjoyed my first stint with The Little Next Door.

Ambience – There’s never a dull moment here with some loud & foot tapping music accompanying you across the various levels of seating they offer. The most happening spot is the Ground Floor seating next to the Bar, it is an open yet covered seating perfect for Monsoons when the weather is not so warm. They have some activities on offer like the Foosball or even some board games for that matter. While we were out there the Foosball table was continuously occupied.

Leading through a few level of stairs is the area where DJ is setup and which people primarily use to show off some dance moves, this area has air-conditioning as well followed by the rooftop which is ideal for a quiet getaway from the hustle bustle of the lower seating levels. Valet parking is available and the cars are parked along the common parking space available in the by-lanes of Kalyani Nagar.

The Food – With most of the emphasis on drinks (or so it seemed to me) I wasn’t quite really expecting a lot from the food and having seen the innocuous looking grills I was looking forward to yet another famed but not so great food outing. All of that however quickly changed as we tasted the vegetarian stuff, except the Grilled Corn (Chatpata Corn on the Cob) which was a bit of a downer for me, the rest of the “From the Soil” BBQ starters were perfect.


The Vegetarian BBQ Starters – Mushrooms, Paneer & Baby Potatoes.

Balsamic Rosemary Mushroom Skewer – Mushrooms were well marinated & grilled with subtle flavors of Rosemary which is a good thing as too much of it can give the preparation a bit of a bitter taste.

Tandoori Marinated Cottage Cheese – The Paneer Tikkas were pretty soft and were among the best ones I have had in recent times. The marination wasn’t too spicy or mild but just good enough for a hardcore non vegetarian like me to order this more than once.

Baby Potatoes – The baby potatoes in an oriental style of dressing was pretty delicious as well and I couldn’t believe that I was enjoying the Paneer & Potatoes in a barbeque setting without bothering for the Non vegetarian starters to arrive !

Next came the Non vegetarian chicken starters, I had to cancel the other two as they were Pork based and I don’t quite do any Pork & Beef. However both of the chicken starters turned out to be pretty good and coupled with the vegetarian ones I was more than happy to go for it and the repeat orders ensued.

Chilli Mango Marinated Chicken – Well this preparation had everything going for it, the juicy chicken with a hint of mango flavor and the overall tenderness made me in love with this preparation.

Chicken Minced Kebab – This was an attempt at the typical style of seekh kebabs, while the end result wasn’t like the melt in the mouth type Seekh Kebabs I prefer however the taste of the kebab was pretty decent.

The following were not part of the Friday BBQ Offer but I thought of trying out something from the Ala-carte Menu & had to try a couple of Mocktails (since I am a teetotaler) to go with the rather sumptuous starters:

Both our drinks Sangria Mix & Mandarin Cooler (with Basil & Mint) were refreshing (not too sweet) and went well with the starters.


Batata Patata – French fries & Potato Wedges – Crispy & Nice


Our meal finished with the Eight texture Chocolate cake but this was one sinful dessert full of chocolate and bit of an alcoholic fizz that will just hit you in the beginning of your bite but nothing too dramatic. In case you’re a teetotaler like me, go for it without any issues, this wouldn’t make you drunk and isn’t bitter either 😉 With a chocolate mousse like consistency on the outer layers and a dense chocolaty feel within the inner layer this was one fantastic dessert we enjoyed to the fullest, the accompanying hot chocolate only enhances the flavors and I am still drooling over it as I write…

The Little next door offered me an enthralling experience with their tasty starters, ambience, convenient location & courteous staff. Mr. Amol took good care of us despite the place being almost full on a Friday Night, if you like unlimited starters with Beers/Sangrias there’s absolutely no reason as to why you shouldn’t be here !