Cheese Omelette Cafe, Wadgaon Sheri Pune

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A nice little special Omelette place !

Rating – 4/5

This is not a review but an experience rather a series of experiences I have had during the last year or so and most of those have been really good ! First things first this is not a fancy place in terms of Ambience but it is clean enough with some basic setup.

PiriPiriOmletteOver this time I have had it all here and my recommended items are all kinds of Omelettes which is their speciality and even among those the Piri Piri Cheese Omelette is the best one. It is filled with small cubes of cheese along with a gentle serving of Piri Piri Masaala which makes it ideal for people of all palates and this is a must try while you’re here.

The other must try item here is of-course the various variants of Maggi and my favourite among them is the Desi Maggie. I would however like to make a note that is a bit spicy and exactly the way I like my Maggie to be. In case you’re not much into spicy food you can try the other milder variants like Omelette Maggie or the Cheese Maggie and you should be fine.

Areas of improvement – I have tried their stuffed paranthas as well and to be really honest they’re not exactly at the same level as the aforementioned items. The stuffing comes out to be a bit dry and so does the overall preparation of paranthas. So that’s something which once improves will add further feathers to their cap.

The Verdict – I have seen some reviewers bashing them for their prices etc however I am not quite sure how does the reviewers/bloggers decide on the pricing of a place, you just can’t ! Taking everything into consideration I found the place to be value for money and their Tea with Bun Maska is also a nice combination which can be had when you’re not in a mood to gobble a lot. The place is operated by a couple, for them it is their first startup and considering that I guess they’re doing a fine job.

P.S. – They’re currently running a 50% off promotion on their delivery menu when one orders through Swiggy or Zomato (their could be other delivery partners which I am not aware of) and I am almost ordering breakfast from them almost every 2-3 days trying to make the most of this offer. In all earnestness, I believe you should make the most of it too !