China Toss, Kalyani Nagar Pune

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A well tossed up meal !

Rating – 4/5.

Had a pretty good time at a food tasting opportunity at China Toss – the best part they do allow your pets to accompany you in their open seating area️. We had a pretty good time with our four month old puppy Oreo and is always a pleasure to see more places allow the pets and pet parents dine together 🙂

The Ambience – The Ambience both in their indoor and outdoor sections is pretty good and especially the outdoor seating was serene indeed. In peak summers, it might be a better idea to sit indoors and enjoy the dazzling indoors too !

The Food – The two best dishes of the evening were the Chicken Khao Suey & Chilly Cheese Mushrooms.

The Drinks – In mocktails, the Fruit Punch & Love on the beach would be two of my strong recommendations.

Other Recommendations – The next best thing in the Menu were the Tandoori Momos and Man they were nicely spiced too. The Chicken Manchow Soup was thick and full of flavours. The Steamed Momos and Fried Prawns were pretty decent and all of this should make up for a good meal here.

BrownieThe Verdict – Staff were pretty courteous and the service was right on the money. Special thanks to Mr.Raj for the warm hospitality bestowed upon us by him and his entire serving staff. The food definitely exceeded my expectations, it’s a pretty good choice for the Indo-Chinese/Chindian cuisine and the rates are moderate considering Kalyani Nagar standards.