Hyderabad House Hinjewadi, Pune

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Hyderabadi Cuisine at it’s spicy best !

Rating – 3.5 /5

Having heard so much about the biryani twins of Hinjewadi namely A1 Biryani House and Hyderabad House it was always on my radar to visit these outlets for quite a while. Since I live in Kharadi and Hinjewadi is literally at the other end of Pune I couldn’t make it here so far thanks to the horrific Pune traffic nowadays.

Therefore while returning from one of our road trips recently from Ahmedabad we thought of giving Hyderabad house a try. After a hectic drive of close to 11 hours thanks to the chaotic Mumbai traffic though a breezy drive from the expressway we landed up at the Hyderabadi Biryani land of sorts here in Pune 🙂

Ambience – I rate them a decent 3/5 though it has enough room for improvement.

We reached there on a Saturday evening at 8 pm and thankfully there was one parking spot remaining for my car in front of the restaurant and I accepted it gleefully. There’s a full time security guard who will assist you with the parking though just towards one of the restaurant’s sideways there was another area where a number of two wheelers were parked.

As could be measured from the Parking numbers I realized that the place was almost full and as I entered there were chaotic scenes near the entrance/reception area with the entire reception area blocked by people. I was scared initially as to whether these people were waiting for a table to become vacant? Later I realized these were the folks who were waiting to pick up their parcels much to my pleasure 🙂

I quickly scanned the area 180 degree and thankfully found a table with chairs at one side and a sofa seating at the other end, visiting with a child I always prefer this type of setting so we gladly occupied the table and next step was to get someone’s attention to take our order.

Service – I rate them an average 2.5/5, definitely an area of improvement for sure.

Due to the place almost being like a Circus with just people running from pole to post I had realized that it would definitely be troublesome to get some good service and I wasn’t completely wrong. It took more than a good 10 minutes and at least couple of reminders for the service staff to give us a visit on our table and take down our order.

Eventually sanity prevailed and out of the blue came our food messenger cum Captain and with a sigh of relief we placed our order with a hope to dig in to the delicacies as soon as possible. Expectedly our starters arrived after another 25 minutes and we knew the wait time and attention span of the servers is going to be along similar lines and accordingly we set our expectations and enjoy while we were there.

Food – I rate them a good 4/5 and the food is almost worth the hype though it’s not outstanding to be honest.

We ordered Tandoori chicken, Hyderabadi Chicken with Butter Rotis and of course the Central character of Hyderabad house – the Aroma’s Special Mutton Biryani. Here are the specific ratings and my take on each of the preparations.

Tandoori Chicken – 4/5, easily the most spicy tandoori chicken I have eaten not just in Pune but possibly most of the places I have eaten even and I just loved it as that’s the way it’s supposed to be prepared. The rating of 4/5 is because the chicken could have been a bit more tender and the dish was lacking only in this aspect.

Hyderabadi Chicken – 3/5,  it was more of a formality for me to order this as I was impatiently waiting for the Biryani but nevertheless to complete this course of meal I played along and just had a single butter roti to keep enough space for the Biryani 🙂 Coming back to this dish, it was a usual Chicken korma type gravy preparation though still different from the run of the mill ginger/garlic based gravies but I thought the dish demanded a more distinct presence of Hyderabadi cuisine as it almost tasted like a typical Mughlai Chicken Korma.

Aroma’s special Mutton Biryani – 4/5, at last came the hero of our meal and the first look was pretty impressive with the biryani not being dry and accompanied with a number of tender and succulent mutton pieces.

For some people it may taste like an overdose of spices but thanks to the Hyderabad House Kitchen Team they have tried to replicate the taste of Hyderabadi Biryani right here in Pune. For those who have tasted the original at Hyderabad and who understand the cuisine should realize that it’s supposed to be prepared spicy and boy spicy it surely was !! The accompanying saalan only accentuated the taste further and we enjoyed every single bite of the long awaited Hyderabad House Biryani.

Admittedly though I was a bit underwhelmed by the overall taste if I compare it with the Secundarabad’s Paradise Biryani but going by the ever degrading biryani standards of Pune it felt like an Oasis in desert for sure 🙂

With that cliche it’s time for me to pack my bags and being done for the night 😉 However if you’re a Biryani lover (like me) you must go to Hinjewadi at least once, I am definitely going again to taste their Mughlai Chicken Biryani.

Despite their good food I believe with the prices they’re charging they have a moral responsibility to make the dining experience a bit more user friendly for their customers and reduce the clutter that’s evident at least in the evenings and strive to improve their customer service as well. For food alone I would have rated them at least a 4/5 but if I take all the parameters into consideration then I guess a 3.5 it is ! Cheers 🙂

Wings Kothrud, Pune

A satisfying experience !

Rating – 4/5

This was in June 2014, I had just returned from Canada after nearly 8 months and was obviously missing some good spicy Indian food.
I was on Zomato during my last two weeks to browse about a new location that serves authentic food and what’s better than an authentic biryani 🙂
I came across wings and saw some wonderful reviews on Zomato and decided to give it a try. I live in Kharadi and this place is around 25 kms from my place. It’s a 22 hour flight from Vancouver and I was still a bit jet legged but that didn’t deter from giving it a quick try and I am glad that I did!
So after asking for directions I was able to reach the place, as I arrived it was a simple setup with 3-4 tables and we were the only folks dining out as its more of a parcel point. Unfortunately by the time we reached (8 pm) the mutton biryani was finished and we had to contend with ordering Chicken Biryani. It came perfectly spiced with rice perfectly cooked in a matka and the taste was very different than your usual run of the mill Biryanis.
We order some wings in two types of sauces and it tasted alright but I very much liked the Biryani. It’s not lucknawi or exactly a variant of Hyderabadi style but it somewhat still resembles the hyderabadi style of preparation.
I had a Groupon but there wasn’t any degradation in service or in food quality or quantity as happens on so many places.
I had a good time but haven’t had a chance to visit them again due to the distance but will give it a try again soon.
I also got to interact with the owner, a young guy – he was extremely polite and checked if we were served properly and asked for the feedback and we gladly obliged.
A nice place for ordering biryani 🙂

Lazeez By Hyderabadi Delicacies Viman Nagar, Pune

You get Good Biryani if they get it right !

Rating – 3.5/5

I have had Biryani and other delicacies here over a period of time and unfortunately I have to admit that they are definitely not known for their consistency.

I am going to write pointers about a few occasions when the preparations were carefully done and consequently tasty. Once I called for a home delivery and I ordered Chicken Angara Kebab and Single Mutton Dum Biryani.
Chicken Angara Kebab was amply spiced and tasty but could have been a little tender but no real complaints and it was excellent.

Mutton Dum Biryani, when I ordered once an year ago was the best Hyderabadi Biryani I had ever tasted in Pune but unfortunately on a couple of other occasions the biryani was absolutely dry and somewhat bland.
On occasions when Biryani was good, it was generously spiced as it should be because of its Hyderabadi style and the mutton pieces were succulent and tender.

I sincerely hoped that they could maintain their consistency but it somehow didn’t quite lived up to its expectations on more than couple of occasions and that’s why I am rating them lower than what I would have liked to do. However I am not left with a lot of options.


Hotel Reddy Kharadi, Pune

If Ambience matters this is not your cup of Tea !

Rating – 3.5/5

First things first, this is essentially a place to just enjoy the taste of food.

Other considerations like Ambience, courteous service, spacious seating etc are something which I usually don’t care about if the essential ingredient of an eating outlet i.e. food is above Average, and the food quality here is very good !

This place has very limited items but if you happen to like those limited items like Biryani, chicken fry, chicken thali etc then this is absolutely the place to be, it’s more of a parcel point but there are limited seating arrangements as well.

Coming to the food or rather to my kind of favorite food which is Biryani, the taste is very good, again they don’t prepare Mutton Biryani and this is not as spciy as a Hyderabadi Biryani due to the prevalent taste palettes of Punekars as per my discussion with the owner of the place.

Still with less spices (compared to Hyderabadi style) the Biryani seems fairly authentic to Andhra cuisine and is fairly light on pocket (A full chicken biryani at Rs 140 is sufficient for 1.5 people). It’s 1.5 because when the food is good my diet tends to fluctuate to a higher level and if it’s two normal people having sane diets then the Biryani is sufficient for two people.

I am yet to try their other items as whenever I try to go and pick something else I always end up picking the Biryani 😉

Enjoy !