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Best Mughlai experience in recent times !
Rating – 4.5/5

My latest outing with Kareems was a delightful experience and this is the best North Indian lunch I have had in a long time. They are so good that I would rate them right up there with my recent exploits at Kabab Hut (Sun n Sand) and Momo Cafe (Courtyard Marriott) !

I was in a mood to have a pure North Indian food experience for a while and when I came to know that Kareems have opened a branch in the much deprived area of Kharadi (in terms of quality dining experience) this place was on my radar for a few weeks and Today I had the chance to be here.

Here’s my take on the different aspects I observed during my dining experience at Kareems Kharadi on Sunday, 20th December 2015.

The Ambience – I rate them a very good 4/5 on this parameter.

The place is not huge but is not very small either, since the restaurant is fairly new (only 2 months old) the interiors which are anyway interestingly done look bright and neat. The ground floor has 4-5 Tables with a view of their Open kitchen separated by a glass partition and thankfully there’s no smoke making it’s way in the dining section which can be a serious put-off for some.

They do have a mezzanine floor based seating layout which houses around 6 more tables. Both the ground and the mezzanine floor had a comfortable seating as I completed different courses of my meal split across both the sections. With a light music playing in the background and no real disturbances around, you can blissfully just dig into your biryani or kebabs without any tension in the world ๐Ÿ™‚

The Food – I rate them an excellent 4.5/5 on this parameter.

Well I was pleasantly surprised by the dishes served during my lunch marathon and I was absolutely amazed to see that not a single dish served was of inferior quality. Everything I tasted today was above average to say the least.

Soups – I rate them an excellent 4.5/5 on this parameter.


Murgh Yakhni Shorba – Textured as white in color, the appearance made me a little skeptical at first but the taste just won me over, the little chicken chunks fairly complimented the dish, I added a bit more salt according to my preference though.


Paya Soup – This was interestingly yellowish in color with a fair bit of sprinkling of black pepper that actually enhanced the flavor of the dish.

Starters – I rate them again an excellent 4.5/5 on this parameter.

Murgh Charga (half) – This is as interesting as it can get, imagine a tender chargrilled chicken then fried with an egg based batter. The result is something that you may not have tasted before, very nice indeed. As per the serving size it’s a good option to order for two persons.

Pomfret Fry – This was cooked with a fairly spicy and tasty batter. It had all the positives going for it like the fish was fresh and tender and we liked it. As per the serving size it’s a good option to order for two persons.

Tandoori Tarkari – This was surprisingly the best starter of the lunch in my opinion. It came with a more than sufficient serving of Paneer tikka, Tandoori Mushrooms, Tandoori Aloo and Tandoori Babycorn. Though everything was tasty the best constituents of the starter were the mushrooms and potatoes. As per the serving size it’s a good option to order for three persons.


Gosht Dum Boti Kebab – Among all the starters I would place this at the bottom of the ladder, unfortunately for us the marinade had gone a little sour (just a bit) and that was a dampener of sorts and the mutton could have been a bit more tender.

After that humongous starters section we were almost on the verge of being full and I didn’t see ourselves going through the main course, here’s anyway what happened in mains:

The Mains – I rate the mains an outstanding 5/5.

Murgh Mussallam (half) – This was one outstanding preparation and came in a huge portion that could be sufficient for four persons with a moderate appetite. Despite not being categorized as spicy, the preparation was so tasty that I could just eat the chicken pieces dipped in gravy without a roti or portion of rice. This comes with a thick gravy preparation and goes exceedingly well with Butter roti or naan.

Dum ka jeera gosht (half) – This again was a different from usual gravy preparation with cumin as it’s chief ingredient apart from the Mutton. The dish had a great potential to be overpowered by only cumin’s flavor but it didn’t thankfully and we enjoyed this very much. The serving size is good for two persons with moderate appetite.

How could a Biryani Master’s review be complete without reviewing his most favorite dish?

Mutton Dum Biryani – I rate the biryani as a good 3.5/5, the mutton was extremely tender and juicy and the biryani was a fair mix of white and masaala rice and it wasn’t dry at all. The spice level was something I was expecting a bit more and it wasn’t as spicy as it should have been to be considered as a Hyderabadi biryani variant. Nevertheless I wasn’t disappointed with the preparation at all.

Desserts – I rate the desserts as a decent 3/5

We had the Shahi Tukda and Caramel custard and both were pretty decent but nothing outstanding. However at just 60 rs each they were an absolute value for money and I don’t think one can ask anything more on that price point. The Shahi tukda was a colder version with the bread not being on the crispy side as happens to be the case in the hot version of this preparartion.

Perhaps this is one area where they can look to add more authentic and tasteworthy items to their already extensive menu.

Service & Hospitality– I rate them an outstanding 5/5 on this parameter and their staff including Mr.Nurul (our server), Mr.Prashant (Captain) and Mr.Akash (the Manager) were so courteous and accommodating that it took our experience to another level. Really loved the service and no words are enough to experience my appreciation in this regard.

Also had a chat with the Owner Mr.Rohanย who came across as a humble person and was open to all of our feedback and I enjoyed a minute of chit chat with him.

What cannot be missed?
Murgh Charga, Tandoori Tarkari, Murgh Mussallam and Mutton Dum Biryani (to a certain extent) and their excellent style of plating that can be compared to some of the five stars of the city !

Value for Money – I rate them an excellent 4.5/5, you can consider this to be a fit between fine dining and budget restaurants. For the taste they were able to churn Today I think they have priced themselves appropriately and the quantity is pretty decent as well.

If you’re in a mood for an all Mughlai Lunch/Dinner just go for it ๐Ÿ™‚ This place has the potential to become one of the best dine out options in Kharadi !

Biryani King Kharadi, Pune

A reallyย bad experience !ย 
Rating – 2/5

It really pains me to write this review since I was very excited to place the order for my favourite food i.e. Biryani.

So I ordered a Hyderabadi special Mutton Biryani through food panda which is priced at 269 bucks which is not at all cheap by any stature of imagination but what followed was cheap behaviour indeed.

The quantity of Biryani is sufficient for one person and the salan that accompanies is downright terrible to be honest, tastes more like the south indian rasam.

As I opened the packing, the Biryani was topped with cashews and brown onions which is always a good sign. I immediately tasted a chunk of rice with a piece of mutton and it did taste very different and good from what I have recently tasted in the name of Biryani but my excitement was shortlived.

The topmost layer of rice was all white rice which is the norm usually however what is not the norm is almost lack of masaala rice beneath the top layer which made the overall Biryani very very bland.

I called the person manning the counter telling them about the goof up, the guy named Ganesh was so laid back could offer “Sorry Sir aage se nahi hoga….woh masaala daalna bhool gaya hoga”

However wth when I have paid you in full this time why should I wait for the next time but the guy just wasn’t interested in replacing this and kept making excuses.

Eventually I had to be content with what was on offer and calling Foodpanda meant waiting for another hour atleast and I was damn hungry.

Out of the mutton pieces only two qualified as alright, rest three were just chunks of bones and I was really frustrated but I just thought that it was probably not my day.

I wanted to rate them negative but since that option is not provided in Zomato and secondly I can sense that if that Biryani had a fair mix of masaala rice and decent mutton pieces it could may have been an above average preparation.

However that was not to happen and I was left feeling cheated and I wish the guy at the counter “Mr.Ganesh” was more proactive to handle the situation.

Bad experience indeed! Please notice the white rice in the snaps and the bones too ๐Ÿ™‚



Taareef Kharadi, Pune

Give yourself a treat at Tareef !

Rating – 4.5/5

Tareef as the name suggests is definitely praiseworthy for its yummy taste, impeccable service and the overall feel good factor ๐Ÿ™‚

However I must warn you that its a little strange to get in here since it’s located inside the eon it park, kharadi where the entry is usually allowed only for employees.
If you can keep the patience while calling them in advance and then as you enter the IT park call them again so that a restaurant employee would walk over to the security gate to arrange for a gate pass and then finally you would be allowed to take your vehicle inside. I guess this place basically exists to cater the IT folks within but with a little effort you can take advantage of the tareef-ke-kabil food fare.

Coming to the food we opted for a buffet lunch that is usually not available on Sunday but they agreed to serve all the items on table much to our delight ๐Ÿ™‚

We were also interested in trying their Biryani so we kind of requested them to trade off some items from Main course to replace it with Biryani which they agreed to as well, superb!!!! As I have seen many good places with such rigid rules that it kind of piss you off at times but not Tareef!

The Menu:

1. Multani Mutton Shorba – 5/5, this was one of the tastiest mutton soups I ever had, with little chunks of mutton pieces it was a pleasurable experience.

2. Chicken reshmi tikka – 4.5/5, this was mildly spiced, tender and super tasty. I am taking. 5 because I would have liked to be a bit spicy but still no real complaints.

3. Chicken Tangdi – 4/5, the marinade was ajwain based and was fairly spicy and was quite alright.

4. Chicken Tikka – 5/5, this was served as an extra starter when I gave them a feedback about the reshmi tikka being very mild. This was amply spiced, tender, succulent and what not? Very nice.

5. Mutton Seekh – 3.5/5, tasty but it wasn’t tender enough to make it 5/5 but was fairly alright.

6. Paneer Tikka – 4/5.

7. Tandoori Mushrooms – 5/5, this was right up there to give competition to its non Veg counterparts and was very tasty and just aptly spiced.

8. Potato and Cauliflower – 4.5/5

9. Chicken Lahori – 5/5, a nice rich gravy based boneless chicken dish with a distinct pepper flavor.

10. Dal makhni – 5/5, the best I ever had in Pune and almost like what you get in Northern parts of India. It tasted like it was slow cooked for a good amount of time if not the entire overnight and I loved it. Though I am not a big fan of Daal, speaks volumes about the preparation.

11. Mutton Dum Biryani 2/5, sorry to say but the most anticipated item of our customized menu turned out to be a dud. It was a typical Pune style Biryani but was almost bland. It was sad that my favourite dish didn’t quite live upto it’s expectations but the other items were so good that I was able to get over this quickly.

12. Shahi Tukda – 4.5/5, mouthwatering and apt starter to finish off a delicious meal.

So next time I am there would definitely try the full buffet as I missed 1 NV and 2 Veg Main course in lieu of the Biryani but I wonder after having so much of tasty starters would I have gone for those items so I don’t think we missed anything really.

At Rs 549 per person, this was an absolute treat and I would love to come here over and over again.

A word of caution, they are closed on Sunday evenings and are operational for lunch till 3.30pm

Service was absolutely delightful and ambience was pleasant. A special mention is required for one Mr.Baba who arranged for the gate pass, came to receive us and obliged all our rather strange demands ๐Ÿ™‚

With a heavy heart I am taking 0.5 off because of the Biryani debacle but I am definitely going there again soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Visited last in December 2014.


Hotel Reddy Kharadi, Pune

If Ambience matters this is not your cup of Tea !

Rating – 3.5/5

First things first, this is essentially a place to just enjoy the taste of food.

Other considerations like Ambience, courteous service, spacious seating etc are something which I usually don’t care about if the essential ingredient of an eating outlet i.e. food is above Average, and the food quality here is very good !

This place has very limited items but if you happen to like those limited items like Biryani, chicken fry, chicken thali etc then this is absolutely the place to be, it’s more of a parcel point but there are limited seating arrangements as well.

Coming to the food or rather to my kind of favorite food which is Biryani, the taste is very good, again they don’t prepare Mutton Biryani and this is not as spciy as a Hyderabadi Biryani due to the prevalent taste palettes of Punekars as per my discussion with the owner of the place.

Still with less spices (compared to Hyderabadi style) the Biryani seems fairly authentic to Andhra cuisine and is fairly light on pocket (A full chicken biryani at Rs 140 is sufficient for 1.5 people). It’s 1.5 because when the food is good my diet tends to fluctuate to a higher level and if it’s two normal people having sane diets then the Biryani is sufficient for two people.

I am yet to try their other items as whenever I try to go and pick something else I always end up picking the Biryani ๐Ÿ˜‰

Enjoy !