Karan Tasty Jalebi Kharadi, Pune

A place to reckon with for tasty chhola bhaturas !

Rating – 3/5

It’s a fairly modest place among the scores of other similarly ambient joints located opposite Zensar. It could be a little challenging to expect absolute cleanliness in the dining area with ample flies to give you company. One would be better off to have low expectations on the cleanliness front and you might end up liking the food as I did.

We went there for basically tasting their Jalebis and the following is what we ordered:

1. Jalebi – 2.5/5 – Preparation of Jalebis can be a little deceptive than what it usually looks like, we do it at times at home so we know from experience. A Jalebi has to be crispy, the smaller the size the better (my personal preference), it just has to be sweet enough so that it shouldn’t feel to be too sweet and then it shouldn’t be less sweet at the same time.
Phew….enough of jalebi fundas, coming to the one we tasted here it was crispy and the size was small however what was the deal breaker really here was it was just too sweet and the preparation seemed like not of pure ghee but ghee mixed with some other oil. Despite these points I would say it still was better than the usual fare we get at other sweet/halwai shops in Pune and if the above points can be addressed it has the potential to become a good place for Jalebis.

2. Rabdi – 3/5, This was not the thick and sweet variant but sort of the runny version with subtle sweetness and it was primarily a preparation to go as an accompaniment with the Jalebis. When eaten in combination with rabdi, the extra sweetness of jalebis were nullified to an extent.

3. Chhola bhatura – 4.5/5, as can be judged from above, the experience was a bit underwhelming so far to say the least and then we happened to have one of the tastiest chhola bhaturas in a long time in Pune ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes these are better than Teri Rajput by some margin! The best part about this preparation was the fact that the bhaturas seemed without any oil at all, ofcourse they were deep fried in oil but as they were served they were so dry that it felt they were done on a Tawa ๐Ÿ™‚ The Chholay subzi was tasty and I could just eat that like a usual curry preparation with Rice or Roti.

The overall meal costed us 120 bucks and in around 150 bucks 2 people can share a hearty meal here.

Here are the overall ratings :

Food – 3.5
Cleanliness – 2/5
VFM – 4/5

I would definitely be back to have more of chhola bhatura and to sample Chaat, aloo tikki and Samosas that are prepared fresh in the evening.

Visited September 2015


Punjabi Flavours Kharadi, Pune

A fair enough option for an inexpensive decent meal !

Rating – 3/5

This is one of the good parcel points/minimum ambience eat out places among an entire crop of similar food joints to have mushroomed over the last couple of years opposite Zensar, Kharadi.

They don’t do home delivery so you either eat there or pick up a parcel after placing your order on phone. I did the latter and when I reached on a Thursday at around 9pm the place was full with many waiting for their parcels. This was encouraging and the owner occupying the counter seemed like a simple no nonsense person with no big airs about him unlike the rather terrible host at Bibi di rasoi 50 metres away.

I have done a couple of take outs so far but it did clear a couple of points as below :

1. The taste of the gravies is going to be a little different and may taste like made at home which is a good thing as I think they don’t use edible colours and a lot of soda which is more than welcome.

2. Almost all of their Paneer and Chicken gravies are in the range of 60-80 bucks and the quantity is still sufficient for two persons so it’s truly a VFM place.

3. Coming to the taste, it’s definitely above average but looking at the prices and the quantity offered, it makes up for a usual meal without burning a hole in pocket.

Dishes I have tried:

Chicken Kadhai – 3/5, comes with three medium sized chicken pieces and is fairly edible.

Paneer Matar – 3/5, fairly edible and thankfully the green peas were not raw.

Lachha parantha – 4/5, this was nice and fluffy even after doing a take away and eating at home 30 minutes later. The size of the bread is fairly decent as well.

Lassi – 3/5, it was fairly alright but not like a typical Punjabi lassi.

Overall it was a good experience and this place can be your saviour when not in a mood to cook and don’t want to spend too much on ordering food from outside.

Two people can have a decent meal for under 200 bucks ๐Ÿ™‚

Bibi Dii Rasoi Kharadi, Pune

Terrible experience with a terrible host !

Rating – 2/5

To begin with I am as interested eating in five stars as I am at road side eateries like these as you find gems in the most unlikely of places at times.
However sorry to say this is no Gem and the food that I have taken away once was nothing out of the ordinary.
To top it off the lady who sits at the counter is the closest thing you can witness between rude and almost nasty. Her look mostly resembles that probably she’s doing a service to humanity by dishing away these not so delectable dishes.

Tried hard to ignore the beyond ordinary behaviour of the owner and even if I just focus on food, following is what I ordered:

Matar Paneer – 2/5, very ordinary in taste, the green peas were not boiled properly though the Paneer was soft.

Butter parantha – 3/5, this was the best item, even after consuming at home it was very soft and had a good amount of butter on it.

Lassi – 2.5/5, This was nothing extra ordinary, considering this place promises to be of authentic Punjabi style but the lassi is nowhere close to the Punjabi way of things. It’s not thick and doesn’t have a trace of Malai to top it off.

Another thing, make sure that you have change while collecting your order because if they don’t have it they will just keep it as if it’s their right to keep it.

All in all a disappointing experience and I am never going back.


Shivshakti Pure Veg Kharadi, Pune

A fair enough place for home delivery !

Rating – 3/5

Ordered from here as we couldn’t cook Today. This is a veg only restaurant and is fairly modest in terms of pricing.ย Three adults and a kid were able to eat well under 500 bucks and the quantity was fairly good.

Daal tadka – 3.5/5, the Daal was spicy and full of tadka and that’s how I like it so it was definitely above average.

Paneer darbar – 3/5, was quite alright, it was a thick gravy preparation with chunks of paneer, was a medium spicy preparation, average stuff but not bad at all.

Paneer Matar – 3/5, this was pretty ok as well, was a rather thin gravy preparation but nothing outstanding.

I am writing this review to let others in kharadi area know that if you’re looking for simple and economical food to be delivered in less than 30 minutes, this could be an option to consider.

Taste wise food is average, however they have an extensive menu so there’s still a long way to form a strong opinion at this stage. I would update the review and ratings if I happen to order again from here.

SS1ย SS2