Mineority by Saby, Kalyani Nagar Pune

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An excellent outing at the only Miner’s theme cafe in Town !

Rating – 4.5/5

At the only mining theme Cafe in Pune and otherwise wherever I have been so far – had a lovely time with our host Rutuja and team of fellow bloggers. When the company is good and the accompanying food turns out good too then these kind of tastings are the best ones 🙂

Inspired by the “Addas” for miners after a hard day’s work in the City of Asansol and nearby areas , almost each wall within the cafe tells a story on its own and this by far is the most unique theme I have been to any cafe 🙂

However being a foodie, theme etc are fine for me but does the food is good enough too?? Well, the answer is a resounding Yess !Taste is a subjective matter and what I like or recommend you may not like but one thing I can guarantee the food definitely is unique here with a lot of North eastern food flavours which one doesn’t generally get in other places in Pune. Some of my recommendations from today’s tasting are:

Khao Suey with Prawns was pretty tasty and is a meal in itself, this combination of authentic Khao Suey with prawns was something I had for the first time and it was a cool combination indeed !

Club Chicken steak was something you would definitely love with your eyes first with all the colours and to follow up the taste is pretty good too.

Kolkata style Chicken Biryani served with boiled eggs and Tandoori Aloo was pretty decent and the Lucknowi influence with minimal ground spices and more of an aroma was fairly evident.


Tribal fish fingers was pretty tasty – crunchy on the outside and absolutely tender inside.

Latin Quiso Fundido – Molten cheese fondue with mushrooms, croutons and chips is a revelation every single time with the gooey and cheesy sauce to go with with crunchy croutons️.

Jhal Moori was a spicy snack that you can have if you lost your taste buds due to cold/fever as I often do, it was unique and a nice snack that you can continuously munch upon.

Incidentally if you’re not into alcoholic drinks and love your mocktails the Mango Berry is one drink you just can’t afford to miss, this is such a delightful option to have with a milky base and it’s my favourite every time I am out here.

The Desserts – Two of the best desserts one can try here are the Tres Leches cake & the Jurassic Cheese cake, both are awesome though I was a little more inclined towards the cheese cake and it disappeared from the bloggers table in no time.

The Verdict – One thing about them is the quality of all of their stuff is impeccable, no matter what you try – more often than not the end result what you’re going to get is total quality, combine that with a chic ambience & responsive service.

Mineority by Saby, Kalyani Nagar – Pune

Mineority By Saby Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

An outstanding Sunday Brunch !

Rating – 4.5/5

Had an awesome time Today at Sunday Brunch at Mineority by Saby. Our departure from the usual Mughlai and North Indian food, almost each dish lived up to expectations and we had a wonderful time. The concept is unlike other Brunch places wherein the food is not assembled as a Buffet but you’re free to order anything from the Menu, any number of times. We opted for the unlimited food & mocktails package @Rs 990 plus taxes and Daughter wasn’t charged which seemed like a good deal.

Some of the best items I would recommend when next time you’re here are as below:

HarissaPrawnsHarissa Prawns – An absolute wonderful dish, chargrilled Prawns that were so tender , delicious and were as fresh as a daisy with no smell at all, we repeated this twice. #highlyrecommended

BlackChickenChunksBlack Chicken chunks – A chicken tikka with a different taste from the usual tikkas, this dish wasn’t too spicy yet not too mild, just perfect, we repeated this twice. #highlyrecommended

LatinQuesoFundidoLatin Queso Fundido – This was a combination of Chips and croutons that were to be dipped and had in a melted cheese sauce. Though doesn’t quite sound like a great dish however trust me the sauce was delicious and we ended up ordering more Nachos to go with the sauce. We were just eating this in a hurry much to our embarrassment and I am sure some folks from the other tables must be wondering as to what is happening on our table 😉 #recommended

Pollo Romano Pizza – Devoid of any Indianization, this feta cheese pizza was an extremely mild variant but tasty nevertheless. The only slight issue were the jalapeños being a little more tangy than I would have liked. #recommended

CheeseGarlicBreadCheese Garlic bread – Garlic bread with ample quantity of cheese was as per our expectations and is a good option to try if in a mood.

LoadedFriesLoaded fries – These were crunchy fries, loaded with a lot of cheese, spring greens and tomato salsa. When you’re in a mood for something more than plain or Masala Fries, this is your perfect companion to go with Mocktails.

MocktailsMocktails – We ordered three Mocktails – watermelon, Apple and pomegranate based and it is still tough for me to decide which one was the best as they all were so good. We asked for a refill for all of them once. #highlyrecommended

ShillongMylliuemChickenShillong Mylliem Chicken – This was the only item in Mains we ordered after a plethora of starters and this was a simple chicken curry that had some tender chicken chunks served with garlic seasoned paav. I liked this dish and is again something you might like due to its simplicity and uniqueness because of its North eastern origins !

The Desserts – Tres leches cake seemed pretty authentic and delicious though my all time favourite Choco Devil’s cake that comes with a sinful combination of dark chocolate topped with choco frosting is a delightful a dessert one could ever get.

Some observations & areas of improvements :

1. The staff seemed courteous except a lady that is supposed to welcome you right at the reception being Guest relations Officer. As we walked in after making a reservation with their owner and then Manager, I didn’t quite understand her surprise on our arrival and I am not sure if we looked like Aliens or what but we surely were there to eat so we couldn’t quite understand what was that all about. The troubling part is she didn’t quite make any effort to make up for her rather indifferent behavior the entire time we were there. #StrangeVibesAlert

2. It was a packed house as we walked in but that shouldn’t be a reason for no one serving us water for close to 15-20 minutes despite reminding them twice. The start to the meal was disappointing indeed, I am sure they can do better than this.

3. The service was slow at times and the gap between some of the dishes was close to 30 minutes despite being ordered well in advance .

4. The servers and Manager Mr.Nalin however were courteous though I am not quite sure if they were understaffed for a packed brunch setting but I could see they were well intended to serve their customers well but they should definitely think about this aspect.

5. They have a 10% Service charge applicable on top of the Brunch prices which seemed optional on being asked but I did pay the charges despite the overall slow scheme of things.

ChillyChickenThe Verdict – Despite these shortcomings since the food was outstanding, we will definitely be back for more. We started our brunch late at 2.45 pm and came out super bloated at around 5.15 pm