George Restaurant East Street, Pune

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A legendary place that still stands tall !

Rating – 4/5

This Restaurant falls into the elite category of selectΒ few legendary places in Pune that has stood the test of time and people still throng the place like it has just opened. They offer a wide variety of cuisines under one roof like North Indian, Chinese and Persian to name a few. It’s always a great idea to try their Persian specialties as that’s what they traditionally have been offering though I didn’t have any serious complaints about their North Indian variants either.

I have gone at different times in the evenings and anytime you go after 8 please be prepared for a waiting time ranging from 15 minutes to half an hour especially on the weekends. However like minded people like me don’t mind waiting just to witness George’s different take on kebabs, biryanis and meat gravies that stand them apart from the other traditional and contemporary settings.

Let’s start with the first impressions, on an extremely busy area of East Street Parking is something that you have to manage on your own apart from a limited area for two wheeler vehicles in front of the place. For parking cars you have to rely on the adjoining stretches of ear marked parking on the East Street but please be careful about the designated spots else there’s a great chance that after a hearty meal you may land up in Camp police station to fetch your towed vehicle as the traffic police is extremely strict in this area and rightly so to manage the huge traffic trails usually.

Coming to the Seating and Ambience the place has both AC and Non AC seating. The Non AC seating is on the ground while the upper floor has the pleasures of indulging in their delightful food with the comfort of Air conditioning. I have had my experiences in both the sections and both are equally good, the ground floor section is pretty airy and on most days you would do just fine in the Non AC section as well. Though as per expectations the ambience of the AC section is better than the Ground floor.

Service is quite assembly line like and no nonsense, you get seated, order your stuff, eat, pay and leave. Mostly there’s a sense of urgency with the scores of people waiting outside somehow you do get influenced and you do want to get rid of the ordering part as soon as possible and prepare yourself for the foodgasm to follow !

As with these places it definitely helps to know in advance what to order, I mean if you order the Indo-Chinese fare here and expect that it would be top class then probably you’re having some twisted expectations that may not get fulfilled ever.

So save yourself some trouble and especially after that you have managed to enter unscathed and wondering what to order, go for the following and I can vouch you won’t be disappointed Β !!

Chello Kebabs – 4.5/5, firstly you got to have a taste for the dish as otherwise chances are that you may find the mutton minced seekh served with subtle flavored rice a bit bland if you compare with the usual North Indian Mughlai items. Within the cuisine this preparation falls into, they do an oustanding job and full justice to the Chello Kebabs. Striking off a .5 as at times I would have hoped the mutton seekh was more tender. Though they get it right most often than not however there is some scope of improvement in this area.

George Supreme Mutton Gravy – 5/5, a wonderful preparation that is not too spicy but not bland either. The succulent mutton pieces just have a texture of melt in the mouth types and is an absolute pleasure to behold to go along with their awesome butter naans.

Mutton Dum Biryani – 4.5/5 – This is different from both the Hyderabadi and Lucknawi variants and is closer towards the Iranian style preparation of biryani. It’s not very spicy at all but has all the required flavors to stand apart from its more extravagant cousins in terms of spice level. You can easily cut the mutton pieces from bones with a spoon without engaging fork or knife as the mutton is that tender and juicy. The Biryani has the right amount of Masala along with the white rice that lends such a fine balance between the two which many innumerable places miss so easily resulting in either an over-spiced or bland preparation.

Nawabi Gosht – 4/5 – This was available as one of the specials of the Night when I visited. I ordered this since they ran out of George Supreme Mutton at 9.30 pm (speaks volumes about the popularity of the dish) and I thought the preparation was good enough to the extent that I didn’t miss the George Supreme too much.

Tandoori Chicken – 3/5 – This was one item which I was not very impressed about, though nothing awfully wrong here but I thought they can do with a better marinade so that once the top layer of chicken is consumed the remaining portions don’t taste completely bland.

Among the desserts their Caramel Custard is pretty good and is a nice icing on the cake types item to sign off your meal.

If you could withstand the waiting time, overall busy look and feel in terms of traffic of the Camp/East Street area then go ahead and have a meal here asap and you would definitely feel good about what you ate !

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Shiv Kailash Sassoon Road, Pune

A nostalgic trip down the memory lane !

Rating – 5/5

Shiv Kailash is a pretty ordinary setup in the vicinity of the chaotic Pune railway station, situated across the road opposite the last exit of the virtually goons-controlled parking.

However the stuff they dish out is extraordinary in every sense of the word!

Whenever I visit them it’s like going back to my childhood days, those who grew up in 90s might experience what I am talking about here.

Those days it was the outlets by “Halwais”, simple outlets with nothing fancy about them yet insanely rich in taste. After a busy day of school and a game of Cricket with friends in the scorching sun, one could find solace in a 5 rs glass of lassi topped with Malai and crushed ice in a kulhad and nothing could beat that on a warm summer day πŸ™‚

Shiv Kailash doesn’t quite the serve the lassi in kulhad or with crushed ice but it comes closest to that taste atleast here in Pune and I cherish this place for the same reason.

The most beautiful thing about places like these is that you could happen to share your table with literally anyone, there are no boundaries of social status, region, religion or language at this place as everyone is bounded by the same common passion – food πŸ™‚

I happened to share the table once with a Maulvi, local autorick driver, a student from chennai and a railway reservation clerk and we did spend a minute or two talking about the legacy and taste of the place as we savoured the tempting delicacies.

Coming to what it’s best known for, following is what I have tried during my various visits:

Malai Lassi – 4.5/5 – When you take first look at that innocuous steel glass of lassi, you have no idea how that kevra enthused, topped with Malai drink is going to weave it’s magic on you slowly and steadily and you might end up having more than one.

Dry fruit lassi – 5/5, what I said as above still applies with an addition of the crunch of freshly grounded dry fruits and goes really well with the lassi, just awesome.

Mix Falooda – 5/5, comes in kesar or mango flavours, I have always tried the latter. It’s a mix of Kulfi and Mango ice-cream with Basundi and falooda. It’s like a cocktail of desserts whose individual tastes when eaten as a combination gives a very different yet delectable experience.

Basundi – 5/5, this is the old world thick and creamier version of the dessert and not like the diluted ones served in food malls/famous food chains.

A word on Parking:

This is not a place to be visited on your four wheeler, the only time it is possible is after 10pm as the passengers traffic decreases considerably during those hours and you can park your car along the road while you get served sitting in your car. It’s a no parking zone so please don’t drink and park πŸ˜‰

For two wheelers there’s a designated parking spot in a narrow lane just before the outlet if you’re coming from the Jehangir hospital side, there’s sufficient parking space, just park and drink, eat, drool over the desserts, eat whatever you want to eat man πŸ™‚

They are open from 8.30am to 11.30pm.

This is a must visit place and probably the best in Pune for lassi, falooda and Basundi.


Cafe Goodluck Deccan Gymkhana, Pune

One of the legendary places in Pune !

Rating – 3.5/5

The place has an old world charm associated with it and is an extremely busy place at almost any time of the day. The evenings can be unbelievably crowded with scores of people waiting in queues for a chance to grab a table.
In case you’re looking to test your patience then you may want to give weekends a try and in 3-4 occasions if you manage to survive the wait and locate a parking spot then you’re guaranteed to become a reasonably patient person. Corporates these days are seriously thinking of this option to train patience to their employees πŸ˜‰
On a serious note, this is a no-nonsense place and once you do get a table make sure you order quickly to go about your business else waiters will not hesitate to remind you about placing an order promptly!
The good part is once you place the order, more often than not you would get it served fairly quickly in less than 10 minutes:)
Coming to the food following is what I found to be good during my outings over the years:

Mutton cutlet curry 3.5/5 as the name suggests you get mutton cutlets and a curry and you can dip the cutlets in curry and have it with the soft and fluffy roomalis.

Special mutton fry 4/5 this is the best of lot and for mutton lovers is an absolute delight.

Chicken tikka 3/5 fairly average and makes a case for an important lesson to be learnt that this is essentially a Parsi style food joint and if you are looking for the usual Mughlai / North Indian spicy kebabs then this is NOT the place for you.

Tawa chicken boneless -3.5/5, thick gravy boneless chicken dish, fairly alright.

Mutton Biryani – 3.5/5, very different from the traditional Lucknawi, Hyderabadi or the usual Mughlai / North Indian type of Biryani. It’s one of the most mildly spiced Biryani I have ever had.I like mine to be full of spices and flavor and this one at times was devoid of any but I guess that’s the way Parsi food is and no real complaints to make. On the brighter side the mutton chunks were tender to the core which is why I am rating it above average.

Roomali Roti 5/5, fluffy and just about right.

Bread pudding – 4/5

Chocolate Souffle – 4.5/5

Overall it’s a different experience visiting Cafe Good luck compared to other restaurants both in terms of ambience and food. However if you talk about the heritage of Pune in terms of food this place ranks right up there and possibly you might not be a fan of this style of food but you just can’t help admiring their legacy and efficiency and the very reasons you may want to visit the place.

Lastly I have been guilty of not being able to sample their signature breakfast menu items and I intend to set that record straight soon πŸ™‚

Sukanta Deccan Gymkhana, Pune

Best Thali Restaurant in Pune !

Rating – 4/5

This place serves only vegetarian food and that too Thalis which I am not particularly fond of πŸ™‚
So the first time I went there around 7 years ago it would be an understatement to say that I was skeptical πŸ˜‰
I have seen it serve almost the same thali that use to come for 120 bucks which has now doubled over this period.
I am now a veteran of this place and more than me it’s my wife who absolutely loves this place so you have to always adhere to high command’s wishes else you know what I am talking about ;).

Not that I don’t like the place but my gastronomical orientation is more towards the Non Veg Muglai/North Indian Cuisine so I don’t end up eating there every other weekend.
Since its a popular place if you reach on a weekend at your usual dining hours you can be in for a long queue so always try and reach a little earlier than usual and you would save yourself a good half an hour waiting time.
The food itself is mildly spiced, serving rajasthani, gujrati and maharashtrian cuisine. During the summer you just can’t afford to miss their aamras preparation and usually the desserts are very tasty.
If you’re in a mood for a traditional meal, this is the place to be and value for money compared to places like Rajdhani and Mayur Thali.