The Flying Saucer Sky Bar Viman Nagar, Pune

Best Rooftop place in Viman Nagar !

Rating – 4.5/5

We went there to celebrate our special day and it’s one of the few rooftop bar/lounges in Pune that allows entry to kids through a separate family section.

Being a non-smoker and Non alcoholic I haven’t visited too many places like these, however we wanted to try something different from usual hence we thought of giving this place a try after Paasha@Jw Mariott’s staff told us on phone that entry is restricted to 21 years and above.

The Flying saucer bar is located in Viman Nagar close to the airport off the new airport road next to Dorabjee’s.

It’s situated on the Terrace of Lunkad Sky Vista building. It’s strongly recommended to have reservations in advance on the weekend as the place was almost full on Wednesday night.

The ambience is nice with good selection of music which is not too loud as at times I have seen the music is so loud that you just can’t have any conversation with your partner.

I am a bit fussy with smoking and smokers so despite being at a bar I wanted a section where my daughter didn’t have to cope with cigarette’s smoke. To make that happen we had to change our place twice after being initially seated but Mr.Neeraj Sharma the GM ensured that we got the preferred place of our choice and gave us a nice spot to begin with.

The seating could be a bit challenging for kids but as such the place is not designed for kids so no real complaints here.

The following is what we ordered and it was an absolute treat:

Ginger ale & Watermelon lemonade – 4/5, nothing great but nothing bad as well.

Chicken Malai Tikka – 5/5, Chicken is so tender that it almost melts in the mouth and mildly spiced. We ordered this keeping our daughter’s taste in mind.

Butter Chicken – 5/5, this is the tastiest butter chicken I have had in a long long time. The last time I had a great butter chicken was in Vancouver, Canada (yes in Canada!) As people in these western parts of India make butter chicken so sweet that it becomes like a dessert at most of times.
However the butter chicken was just spiced right, with a creamy gravy and a subtle hint of sweetness. It was yummy 🙂

Naan and lachha parantha were good and especially the butter Naan was fluffy and had the right amount of crunch.

I had also ordered a cake as a surprise element for the dinner and I am glad that Mr.Neeraj was able to arrange for it before our Dinner finished and that served as a nice dessert.

Service was good mostly but there was a minor goof up with the accompaniments with the main course but nothing too serious. We also had to wait in between the dinner in order to get the server’s attention couple of times.

I think the only part is the service where they can improve a bit but the service is not bad but requires a bit more attention especially when the place is not filled to its capacity.

Our bill was around 1700 bucks plus 635 bucks for a 300 bucks copper chops cake. I wish the damages were a little less but it was an evening well spent indeed 🙂


Kebab Unlimited – Hotel Hindusthan International Viman Nagar, Pune

Decent Buffet experience with above average Ambience !

Rating – 3.5/5

The first thing that strikes about this place is a different kind of ambience as the Kebab unlimited restaurant is located on the rooftop of HHI.
To begin with in starters they now serve 3 veg and 2 non veg starters.
In veg the starters were as below:
1.Potato starter with a delicious stuffing – 4/5, in some instances the potato wasn’t fully boiled hence taking out 1 point
2. Methi Tikki – 5/5, this was the most delicious of all veg and non veg starters and had a unique taste and texture.
3. Corn stuffed starter – 2/5, this wasn’t good at all and was pretty ordinary, surprised that it was even kept as a starter in the first place.
In non veg the following starters were served:
1. Fish Tikki – 3/5, this was an OK item though my Daughter loved it.
2. Chicken Tikka – 4/5, this was roasted fine but the only downside was the marinade was not consistent on all of the chicken and was very lightly spiced to the point that I had to specifically ask them to put some more spice which they gladly obliged in the next helping.
In a nutshell the starters were above average and we would have enjoyed more if the corn starter was good as it took just one starter out of the picture.
Coming to the Main course following are my ratings:
1.Khumb Nazakat (Mushroom) – 5/5. This was the best gravy of all the items and was really well prepared.
2. Chicken Hyderabadi – 3.5/5 – Chicken was tender and this was prepared in green gravy.
3. Potato gravy – 3/5 – Taste of the gravy was good but again the potato was not fully boiled not sure what was the issue with potatoes 🙂
4. Fish gravy – 3.5/5 – This was alright and the gravy went fine with Biryani.
5. Daal Tadka – 3/5 – This was OK, nothing special about it.
6. Chicken Biryani – 4/5 – Along with the mushroom preparation this was the saving grace of main course and became my area of concentration 🙂
7. Breads – 4.5/5 – Butter Naan was well prepared and lachha paratha was awesome.
8. Mocktails – 4/5 – Lichi mocktail was good and the strawberry one was OK.
9. Desserts – 1.5/5 – These were very ordinary, the lesser I say more better it is so I am just going to list the names. Moong halwa, rice pudding (kheer), Fruit custard. Nothing noteworthy about the desserts and it was disappointing. The last time I was there the Shahi Tukda was excellent but unfortunately it wasn’t there in the buffet so missed out on that ):

Ambience and comfort – 5/5

Service – 3.5/5 – Overall it was courteous though on more than a couple of occasions I had to remind them about my starters order and had to ask for their attention while the restaurant was only half occupied at that time.

To sum up, the experience was a mixed bag and above average but with a little more attention to the preparations it could have been much better.