Raasta Cafe, NIBM Road, Pune

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This Raasta is worth persuing, well mostly !

Rating – 4/5.

Far away in the open spaces, yes they do still exist in Pune – on the NIBM Road at top level of Dorabjee’s Mall was this cool place.

On reaching the place, the immediate vibes were of a chic and happening environment on their covered rooftop.

Due to their location inside the Dorabjee’s Mall, the parking is available in plenty. As I entered the place, the simplistic yet colorful ambience was something that you just can’t miss.

Drinks – Having a non-alcoholic drinking preference can be hard when visiting cafes/lounges these days as the options for mocktails are usually limited and on this count I didn’t find too many options during the tasting session as I was offered a choice between watermelon detox drink, virgin mojito, couple of smoothies and a choice of freak shake which would have been too heavy considering the meal to follow. I didn’t fancy these drinks a lot but the Cold Coffee shake was simply awesome as the drink was thick and had the right quantity of coffee which wasn’t too strong nor too diluted, just perfect !


Cheese Jalepeno Poppers – These were pretty fine, cheesy yet crispy snack that was a cool appetizer to start with.

Creamy Chicken Sandwich was creamy indeed and the filling was classic continental style, you should go for this if you’re looking for a non-spicy and light chicken sandwich to satisfy that sudden bout of hunger.

Wood Fired Pizzas – This definitely seemed one of the better items during the tasting and Indian Spice Chicken Tikka Pizza was true to its name – “Spicy” and the Mozarella cheese complemented the spiciness very well. The wood-fired thin crust only added to the fun and overall I was pretty satisfied with this preparation.

Sizzling Chocolate Brownie – This was the usual Chocolate Brownie preparation that was pretty decent and as standard a brownie preparation one gets anywhere.

The Verdict – Overall I would have rated this visit just about average due to a rather extremely slow service experience, one instance was when it took more than 45 minutes to get the Chicken Fondue preparation which I ultimately cancelled. This is a bit of a rarity on tasting invites so I hope they do all the improvement needed to serve their usual customers as that kind of waiting time is not great to witness. The only reason I am rating them as good – thanks to the Pizza, cold coffee and Cheese Jalepeno poppers preparations as all of them were pretty good indeed !