The Rooftop Project, M.G. Road – Pune

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A nice rooftop setting in this part of the City !

Rating – 4/5.

The Rooftop Project is a nice rooftop place in the MG Road area and one which can definitely be given a serious thought to after you have fried your brain doing all the bargaining at this most exciting street of Pune.

Being a rooftop the ambience does justice consisting of both the covered and uncovered sections with one section overlooking the entire MG Road stretch that looks extremely colorful during the evenings.

Among the tid-bits the Karari roti is a good option to start with while the Thecha Naan was different and I had something of this kind for the first time and liked it. The Loaded Nachos were literally loaded with a lot of Cheese & Mayo that went well with the Mocktails. The Rum Dum Prawns flambed with Rum were delicious too and I loved it.

The Mocktails served were pretty decent with Mango Cutie being my favourite among the all !

One good point about them is they serve a variety of cuisines, in one meal we had Tandoor items, Dumplings, North Indian Curries, Biryanis and what not ! The mutton biryani was a very decent Mutton Dum Biryani preparation that had a lot of “Dum” (power) going for it in terms of some great flavours that were just not in the mutton pieces but were intermingled perfectly in the rice too (always a good sign).The preparation ticked most of the boxes in terms of the rice being fluffy, moist, not overly spicy, not under-spiced either and the accompanying raita was nice too 🙂

.The in-house Paan Kulfi had good paan flavors going for it and overall this was pretty decent. What makes up for a cool Tiramisu – probably as a nice balance between liquer, type of cheese, usage of eggs vs heavy cream or both?This one had everything going for it though I personally like that creamy rich texture with the use of heavy cream, the egg whites didn’t quite bother me here.The Mascarpone cheese used did lend its sweetness to the preparation and helped in balancing the strongness of liquer though the one used here Amaretto is not the most bitter ones around either.

In all I loved this preparation and once all the various photo sessions are over this was gobbled by everyone in rapid speed and it would only be fair to say this was a cool preparation to end what was a pretty good meal.