Vohuman Cafe, Pune

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A Cheesy Overload !

Rating – 2.5/5

Having heard so much about Vohuman Cafe, a trip in the morning was overdue for years and finally when I did make it here I realized I didn’t quite miss anything all these years !

The primary reason for my rather “against the tide” statement is the absence of really any taste here in the Omlettes, the only preparation wherein it is possible otherwise everything else is in abundance of cheese & butter.

20170414_075412The Breakfast – Tea is pretty ordinary but goes Okay with buttered toasts or the soft and fluffy bun maska. Omlettes have no flavors or specific taste but is a lump of egg batter oozing with cubes of cheese. It is so cheesy indeed that after a while it feels like the dish is over-salted. I am not a morning person but while on vacation I sacrificed my morning to come to this place to be utterly disappointed and no preparation left any mark for me to come back. Though the only luck came through my way that we got seated as soon as we were there before 8 am as otherwise I have heard stories of a long waiting time.

Parking – This could be an issue for four-wheelers, for two-wheelers there’s some space in front of the cafe and the adjoining roads.

Ambience – Pretty rustic and mundane, nothing much to write home about, but it does take you in an old world kind of scene which I don’t really mind. However if you’re the types who are offended by an odd fly or two then you know what to do.

Value for Money – Not a lot as the items are a bar above being moderately priced but I still wouldn’t call an Omlette full of cheese @80 bucks or the Bun Maska @30 bucks expensive. The problem really lies with the taste aspect here and taking everything into consideration doesn’t quite tick the VFM quotient.

The Verdict – I understand it is a legendary place and many people do love it for a whole lot of reasons other than just its food. However sadly just judging them on the parameter of taste it didn’t find any liking by my taste buds. I wish them all the best in future as well but if only they can come to terms that just by including butter and cheese in abundance in their preparations, it doesn’t make up for a legendary breakfast but some taste and innovation in future may well just do the job !

P.S. – This post doesn’t intend to be disrespectful in any way and what I have stated above is my experience, the reader may choose to agree/disagree with the same but this post isn’t meant to bash anyone but a foodie’s disappointment and crushing of some great breakfast expectations ):