Arth, Westin – Pune

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An exciting experience Indeed !

Rating – 4.5/5

It is not often that a fantastic biryani preparation is not the center of biryanimaster’s food experience while dining out ! However there are always firsts in life and this tasting at Arth, Westin Pune was one such outing❤️

The Ambience – This is actually quite grandiose and as you enter it can be a bit overwhelming of sorts.

Honestly speaking I was in awe of the place to begin with and just being here evoked a sense of exclusivity that would be difficult to replicate at any other place in Pune.

The Food – One thing needs to be said before I dive into the taste part of things, the presentation of the food is outstanding, much like what you see in International versions of Masterchef. However the quantity is also pretty much Masterchef like, strictly Okay for one person having a moderate diet. For someone like me with a monstrous diet, I found the starters’ quantity to be a bit underwhelming. The Main course was still better in this department, but that’s how they position themselves so no real complaints there !

I definitely feel odd while writing this but that is the truth indeed, the two best dishes I found in starters were both Mushroom based ones, though they were quite different from each other, this was one beautiful way to use mushroom the ingredient the way it was used in both these starters. Special word for the Mushroom Gilawat kebab, this was comparable to the best of Galawati kebabs anywhere in India while the melt in the mouth Kashmiri Morels with smoked mushrooms stuffing was delectable indeed !

My constant grudge among the Pune food scene were duly addressed by the above three dishes – Mutton Chops with thankfully a good bite of mutton and aromatic smoky flavors that took this dish to great heights. The Kakori Kebab is awesomely tender with rich flavors and this is the best Kakori I have eaten in Pune. Only after all these dishes comes the turn of Mutton Biryani which is fantastic if you like your biryani as the Nawabs like it. Since the biryani here is the Lucknowi variant, it is aromatic, fragrant, spiced in a subtle manner and the Mutton chunks are absolutely tender and juicy, this I may dare say is arguably the best Lucknowi biryani in Pune❤️

The Verdict – Their executive Chef Amninder Sandhu has done a fantastic job with some not so common ingredients and has curated some fantastic Indian delicacies at their best. Lastly the other unique part of all the cooking that happens at Arth is the concept of gas-free cooking ! All of these preparations are cooked on charcoal/wood fire and that’s an interesting concept indeed. All said and done the value for money quotient does take a bit of a back seat here when I compare the quantity with the pricing but some of the stuff is class apart indeed !

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