Barbeque Nation, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Legendary concept still going strong !

Rating – 4/5

So what can I say about Barbeque Nation that hasn’t been said before? Despite a strong chance of this review getting lost like a rain drop in a vast ocean I would still go ahead and share my thoughts πŸ™‚
I have visited the kalyani nagar outlet innumerable times during the last 7-8 years and mostly my experience has been wow during the first few years and then trending to average during the last two years or so.
I thought that the management here became complacent as they were getting the customers anyway but importantly the quality in food was missing.

So after a lot of deliberation we decided to give this place another try for Team Lunch. The primary reason was the close proximity of the property with my Office.
For large groups (we were around 25) it’s highly recommended you book a day in advance else chances of getting a single section for all becomes bleak.
So I booked in advance and we were shown into our seating area and promptly order for drinks were taken. My all time favourite is the litchi mocktail and most of us non alcoholic drinkers went for this.

The starters:
Murgh Bano (chicken legpiece) 5/5 – This was awesome, the best I have ever had in all my outings to Bbq. It was so flavourful that I almost had 5-6 of servings of this alone πŸ˜‰
Very reluctantly I tried to move onto other stuff, the chicken starters on the grill are always kind of rubbery and it was not an exception during our visit so I hardly had a single bite of it.
Next which I never seem to like is the mutton seekh kebab, somehow the folks here just cant prepare a tender and melting in the mouth type seekh kebab as it’s supposed to be, so didn’t like that either.
Other starters which were good were Potato in Cajun sauce, Paneer tikka, fish tikka was alright and so were the prawns as others told me.

I had also negotiated on two extra starters on top of the menu. Though the Veg starter which was some form of corn was a complete letdown, the chicken satay starter which was served during main course (they were pathetically slow to serve this) was really nice with the chicken so tender and juicy that it was a shame we couldn’t get this served on time. I could have eaten one Tangdi less πŸ˜‰ but overall the starters were 4/5, a point taken off because of hard mutton seekh and the rather mundane chicken tikka on the grill with no innovation since forever πŸ™‚

Coming to the main course the butter chicken was excellent. It’s rare to find a nicely prepared butter chicken these days as mostly it’s either too sweet or too watered down with hardly any flavour.
The butter chicken in this case was tender, curry so flavourful with just a subtle hint of sweetness in the buttery flavour and it still brings water to my mouth as I write this πŸ™‚
Other dishes worth mentioning are the Mutton rogan Josh, chicken Biryani, Paneer curry and Daal tadka.

Desserts were the usual and I wish the management thinks about introducing something new in this area as well. However that doesn’t the desserts were not good but it’s in an urgent need of variety!
Service was mostly good and when we tried to tip them while adding amount to our credit card receipt, the captain came back and politely told is that they don’t accept tips since they anyway add a service charge within the bill.

Overall the experience was good but can be excellent if attention is given on some of the aforementioned areas.

For this review visited August 2014 but have been visiting them very often recently and the quality remains good if not exceptional.

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